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Windows-7 XP Compatibility Mode - Intermittant - VM can't see Host (Read 3267 times)
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Windows-7 XP Compatibility Mode - Intermittant - VM can't see Host
Jun 26th, 2010 at 3:28pm
We have a Windows 7 64-bit PC.
We are using XP Compatibility Mode.
I will use these terms:
"Outer Machine" means the Windows-7 PC (or the Host).
"Inner Machine" or VM (Virtual Machine) means the XP Compatibility Mode Virtual PC.

The C:\USERS\RON folder in the "outer" PC is shared - full rights to EVERYBODY.
The "inner" PC maps drive letter Z: to this outer-machine folder. (C:\USERS\RON)

Sometimes everything works perfectly:
  We launch the VM (Virtual Machine / Inner Machine)  and everything works great.  The apps can access the files in and under Z: (C:\USERS\RON) of the outer PC - and all is fine.

Other times (often) nothing works - we get ERRORS trying to access the data in and below the Z: drive.

If we now close everything and restart the (whole) computer, most of the time, everything works perfectly.

I hate to write this because it I am pretty sure it is unrelated - but ...
Ron has Verizon issues.  Occasionally, he can't get on the Internet.  When I remote-in to his PC, I occasionally have internet connectivity problems.

I am also aware that one has to set the NIC card from NAT to the actually NIC card type.  I've done that too.  It doesn't ever network if you don't do that.

What can we test?
What is going wrong?
Thank you
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Re: Windows-7 XP Compatibility Mode - Intermittant - VM can't see Host
Reply #1 - Jun 28th, 2010 at 1:46am
My advice is to treat them as separate problems until your troubleshooting shows they are related.  What kind of Verizon connection is this?  3g? Fios?  Is there any kind of adapter or gateway device?  Next time the internet goofs up, try to narrow down what is happening.  Can you ping something (google maybe) by name?  Can you ping something ( maybe) by IP?  Can you ping your default gateway? 

As far as the issues with the shared folder, I don't have any experience with XP Compatibility Mode.  I just create a virtual machine with XP on it and run any programs that way.  VirtualBox is a free virtual machine platfrom from Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) that I've found to be very stable.  It does support sharing files with the host computer.

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