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Ghost 2003-XP mirror/duplicate/ 'clone' ? - how to ? (Read 7180 times)

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Re: Ghost 2003-XP mirror/duplicate/ 'clone' ? - how to ?
Reply #15 - Jul 13th, 2011 at 1:04pm
@ NightOwl

*do you have your data on other partitions backed up* in some other fashion?

There are backups on external HD, also on DVD.

Only C:/ is up-to-date.

The other backups (partitions) aren't quite *last status* - meaning: also older versions apps or data in addition included. But not a *thing* missing, lol.

The question is *is there any storage media you can rely on* !

Reminds me of the Ghost floppy-disks > I got 5 sets, just in case - whereas a floppy is the worst media.

I use whole drive backups--usually on a monthly basis.

That's how I would like to handle it - think I need to buy 2 more external drives or so.
Presently: Once saved (backed up) to external HD, I don't trust that > then write on DVDs - which sometimes isn't possible ... figure ... 20-30 DVDs!

Naaaa, there should at least be ONE backup that *holds* your data for some years  Grin

I use OS only backups when needed if I know I'm doing something that might cause a potential problem--like ...

Images of my O/S are most important for me, cause if I catch a virus or whatever > image restore. Also after maybe installing a program which sucks. I don't rely on SRPs (created by myself, too). Also for another reason > I use "NTRegOpt" (optimizing registry after *cleaning* my system - regularly!). Once done, SRPs are not restorable anymore.

Ghost = images of my O/S have saved my *life* more often than I can tell  Cool

I use a separate backup program ( Karen's Replicator v3.6.8 ) to perform daily backups of data that often changes on a daily basis--pictures, emails, word processing--this is saved to my secondary HDD so it's protected from a failure of the primary HDD.  Should the secondary HDD fail--I just replace it and start saving backups to it again--no harm, no foul!

NightOwl ,,, are we *backup-freaks* ? Almost get the impression, but so what!

Who likes to reinstall the O/S and fumble (work!) for weeks ++ till the system works *custom*, as we wanted it  Roll Eyes

I saw that *Karen* passed away this last year--an unfortunate loss.  Her family, for now is maintaining her website, but it's unclear for how long--so, if you want to try her backup program ...

Well, I would love to use Karen's program. Just got no space for daily backups  Undecided

"Ancient" PCs:

Mine was 240 MB!

Yaya,, the times they are changing  Grin

Nowadays - as I see what we have in common - we need TBss for our steady backups ...

Oh, the good ole times ..... <sigh>

Please report back with the results of your efforts!

I will do so. But as I said at the beginning of this thread - my present HD0 will hopefully not die that soon ...
Just you never know!

IF anything happens, I will have a brilliant guide printed (!) which tells me step-by-step what to do :=)

Will see you, NightOwl, was a real honor to get the chance to *talk* to/with you. 

henriette  Smiley

The problem's not the computer - the problem sits right in front of it ...
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