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Anyone have experience with Wyse Thin Clients? (Read 3366 times)
Lee B

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Anyone have experience with Wyse Thin Clients?
Sep 15th, 2011 at 2:56am
I brought a Wyse Thin Client about a year ago from someone on EBay.  He has it set up just right to run a Magicjack, the little USB device that lets you make phone calls virtually for free via VOIP.

The Wyse is turning out to be useful to communicate with my alarm panel too, which is an HAI Omni IIe with built in ethernet port.  It allows me to do other things that the alarm panel can't do on it's own.

Among other things, the Wyse is 100% solid state.  It's hard drive is flash memory.  It runs something called Windows XP embedded.  It only draws about 15 watts when it's running, and they're made to run 24/7 for long periods of time with virtually no problems.

He does not run virus protection, instead there's some kind of write filter that you disable when you need to make software changes.   Each time you disable or enable the write filter you have to reboot to finish the disable or enable.

I'm wanting to find out if it would be possible to pull a Ghost image off the flash drive "C" with the operating system, and reload the image on another Wyse terminal so I could use a similar Wyse terminal with other alarm panel installs?

Does anyone have any experience with this type of system to know anything about Ghosting it?


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