Pirates Cove in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California

Pirates Cove
Corona del Mar
Newport Beach, California

Pirates Cove sits adjacent to the beach at Big Corona,
part of which can be seen where the people are congregated top-left.

You can see the cave there (to the right of the steps),
which is how Pirates Cove gots its name.

Newport Harbor sits to your right. The open ocean begins at the end of the jetty to your left.
This photo accompanies an entry posted July, 2011 titled » Summer in Corona del Mar.

As the Bug and I were riding our bikes by here, he stopped, looked down and said,
"I'm *definitely* gonna play down there, dad!" =)

The idea of climbing on rocks & swimmimg at a place called Pirates Cove was too much to resist
for a fan of Treasure Island.

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