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Once IE9 (currently in beta) is officially released, HTML5 will take off in a big way. You'll need Vista or better for E9. No Windows XP.

UPDATE - IE9 was officially released on March 14, 2011. Time to get busy.

Best online intro » Dive Into HTML 5 .. by Mark Pilgrim. He's the guy who wrote the Up & Running book. Contents are identical.

HTML5 at » w3Schools and Wikipedia.

Helpful sites » HTML5 Doctor and HTML5 Rocks.

Best HTML5 Books » Introducing HTML5 (by Remy & Bruce) and Jeremy's book for designers.

HTML5 First Look (video course) at This video was obviously taken from Bruce & Remy's book. The book is better. Much better and far more entertaining.

I wrote a brief intro to HTML 5 in Ye Olde Rad Blog. See » here.

Interesting article titled » The Story Behind HTML5.

Google search preconfigured for the query » HTML5.

I didn't do anythink fancy with this page. Just wanted something that would » validate, a starting point, where I could test new features.

HTML5 » Validator.


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