Rad Contact Page

This email address will remain valid until spambots figure out my ROT13 encoding. Then I'll change it to something else. Maybe even bust out a real AJAX contact form. But this has been working surprisingly well.

It's cool to see where everybody lives, so please include that info in your mail. (I live in Newport Beach. Before that I lived in Laguna Beach .. down the road a few miles.)

Update » As of June, 2011, I now live in San Diego county. About 10 or 15 miles inland. Very nice. See here. The climate feels healthy. Dry healthy. Lots of mold in those houses at the beach.

Note that technical questions could probably be answered better by the guys in the forums, cuz they're smarter than me, and have more experience .. especially questions regarding Norton Ghost or Cloning programs in general.

The longer your email, the less likely I'll have time to read it .. especially if you have an elaborate problem with many intricate details. So shorter is usually better .. unless you're going to tell me how wonderful the site is. Then, by all means, please .. take your time. =)

And no, I don't do stupid link-exchanges.

Here ya go (Javascript needed to decode the ROT13 encoding) »