Convalescing Chair in Front Drive Facing East on June 1, 2015

Photo #2/9 » Convalescing Chair in Front Drive Facing Palomar Mtns to the East

This photo has no view of the mountains, so the viewer is confined to my local dwelling.
Like I was confined for months, pretty much always in bed, except when you get up to throw up.

Except when you go for radiation or chemo.
Which is almost every day.

Some days, when I had a double-radiation shot scheduled, or a series of meetings planned ..
.. I would leave the house before 6:00, and not return 'til last at night.
Dark when I left and dark when I returned. Some long days.

I remember one of the drivers telling me » "Mohamed wanted to pick you up himself yesterday.
He did not trust us to wake up so early, so he did it himself."
He was waiting outside at 5:30.
Mohamed is the boss-dispatcher. He is from Jordan.

In fact, it was his brother who told me.
His brother is also the one who told me » "If you want to make money, sell marijuana."

Photo taken June 1, 2015
Shortly Before Sunset
San Diego county

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