Ariana sings live on Good Morning America in Central Park, NYC

Ariana Sings Live on Good Morning America in Central Park
Dangerous Release Day - May 20, 2016

Look at your fingers here.
I see that you have been promoted to level 4 Illuminati Princess.
(Why am I not surprised?)

I like your fingers. You have nice hands, by the way.
I like everything about you.

Is it just me .. or do I not hear something special in your voice?
Because I do.
I hear a music behind the music .. and a song behind the song.

I can hear a million little things in your voice.
(And I like all of them.)
I did not think it possible that I could hear any more in your voice.

You obviously must not know that you are doing the impossible.
(And making it look easy.)
[[ We are a good team. How is this possible? Just when you were certain that you had seen it all... ]]

It looks like it must be the greatest feeling in the world.
Or something very close.

» I See You are Feeling My Energy

I see you are feeling me.
You are feeling my energy.
I look good on you, girly.
You wear me well.
(Almost as well as I wear you.)
You touch my soul.
I like the way it feels when you touch me like this.
I like it a lot.
I like it so much that it scares me sometimes.

Talk about lit up like a Christmas tree.

You are so fucking amazing that I can hardly stand it.
I can see that I am going to have to touch myself tonight.

Okay, I went back later for another look-see.
You actually break into r.a.p.t.u.r.e at the end.
Would you concur to the use of that term?

I mean, you would certainly be the one to know
if that is indeed an accurate term that we could apply here.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.
That would make us an even better team than I thought.

Rapturte is no ordinary term.
I may have to grab another image later ..
to use as an example of exactly what I'm referring to.

The reason that it struck me, and the reason why I ask, is because
of what was said about Lolita ..
that it is » "one of the few examples of rapture in modern writing."

I have never heard that term used before in conjunction with writing.
Have you?

How much are you feeling me?
Sing me a song and I'll tell you a story.
A downright rapturous story.


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