Ariana Grande is Jim Carrey's Biggest Fan

Ariana Grande
is Jim Carrey's Biggest Fan

I checking the news, trying to be an informed citizen,
when I saw an article about a girl who is a huge fan of Jim Carrey.
(Hey, arent we all?)

I had never heard of this girl, but there she was, singing at the White House Easter party.
So, she must be somebody.
So I brought up the Google. And look what I found. Yikes!

If I were Jim, I would call this girl and say, "We could use somebody like you for a part for my next movie.
We should get together with the Casting director to discuss it."

The rumors alone would drive the publicity to a fevered pitch.
I mean, she sings a song that says, "I would be better off without my sorry ass boyfriend." (One Less Problem)

The unspoken subtext ยป "And better off with Jim Carrey."

She will be 21 in two months. (They did not have girls like this when I was 21.)
If she's not your biggest fan, then she's definitely your hottest.

Dude, you *are* the man. (Still.)
I am sure that Miss Grande would readily concur.

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