Ariana the Illuminati Ninja Princess

"You hear me."
Ariana the Illuminati Ninja Princess
Throwingdown at Billboard May 22, 2016

I heard you. Loud-n-clear.
Nice communication skills .. I must say.

This shit gets me going .. in a hurry.
This Illuminati Ninja Princess ass-kicking shit.

I must really have a thing for powerful women.
Because, I can feel it taking me.

I am ready to pounce.
A part of me here is trying to figure out how to tackle you ..
.. without getting hit with any tranquilizer darts.

Most surprising, I think, is how comfortable this place feels.
You would think that laying up with an Illuminati Ninja Princess might be harrowing.
Or maybe even life-threatening. (And it probably is.)

But, it actually feels comfortable .. even settling.
How can that be?

» Hard to Believe But Fuck If I Aint Getting the Message

Speaking of getting the message ..
I later had a similar feeling to one I got when the wow girl sent me flowers ..
.. after I had thrown her ass around good-n-hard.
(Because that was obviously what she wanted.)

Her ribs were a little sore, but she wasnt complaining.
She was hoping that they would be a lot more sore.
And she just looked like the daintiest, little thing.

And when I came home from work the next day
and saw the flowers sitting there on the doorstep
and finally read the card ..

The feeling was like » "This girl is sending me a message.
And her message may be hard to believe .. but fuck if I aint getting the message."

When you can give a girl the thing she really wants and needs and desires and craves ..
.. well, I'll let you and Rihanna finish that sentence yourselves.

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