Intimate close-ups of Ariana with her hair lightened and her defenses dropped

Intimate Close-Ups of Ariana with Her Hair Lightened and Her Defenses Dropped
August 24, 2016

This might be the most difficult image I've ever tried to work with.
I dare not tell you the nature of the things running around in my head right now.
Very excited thoughts, very erotic thoughts.

The kind of things that this image makes me want to write .. we should not venture down this path.
This dangerous path .. this dangerous, erotic path.
This is why I whispered to you, "What are you doing here, Ariana?"
( When I was analyzing this little clip of you.)

I dont know what you are doing .. but I can tell that I like it.
After seeing this little clip .. I feel like you are a different person.
Than you were before I saw this clip.

A bigger person.
A more complex and sophisticated person.
A more mature woman.

That's a good trick, girly.
You'll have to show me how you do that.
I like learning cool, new tricks .. from cool, new girls.

I see that you got your hair lightened .. I like it.
(I like everything about you .. I cant help it.)

My cousin Diane ( "Tunie Oonie Woonie" ) said that way more guys came on to her after she lightened her hair.
She said it made her seem more approachable.
(She said that she read about it in Cosmo .. she was definitely a Cosmo girl. She has good stories herself.)

I noticed some reddish auburn tints in your hair.
Reddish auburn speaks of passion .. wild, boundless passion.

This image, and especially the source clip, makes me feel weak.
I can totally feel the girly kryponite having an effect on me .. a powerful effect.
This is why I whispered, "What are you doing here, Ariana?"

What are you doing here, Ariana?

Even tho I know what you are doing (.. in this little clip from which I captured this image of you).
I see how you Illuminati Ninja Princesses work.
I see your tricks, girly.

You are very good at what you do.
No one will deny this.
I cant help but respect you for this .. the way you feel respect for a slayer who has clearly come to slay.

» Dropping Her Defenses .. Right Before My Very Eyes

This is exactly what I meant when I said that the young, industrial-strength hottie in the coffee shop » dropped all her defenses.
This is exactly why I would never go over there.
I readily admit to being too big of a pussy.

That is the look she gave me.
(You keep making my points for me.)
I'm not going to say that this is exactly the look (that she gave me) .. but it is "exactly" enough.

I can feel myself not thinking straight.
It feels like these girls are hypnotizing me.
It makes me feel out of control .. I normally do not like that feeling.

When a girl looks at you like this .. there is not much guesswork involved.
You know exactly what she is saying.
Powerful forces come into play .. overwhelmingly powerful.

Who is able to withstand such things?
Show me the man.
This I will need to see for myself.

» The Manifold Hazards Associated with Dating a Writer

Have you ever dated a writer?
For most people, I would never recommend such a thing.
They are crazy, fucked-up people .. with more issues than the New York Stock Exchange.

They make complete neurotics seem perfectly normal.

And they always want to crawl around inside your head .. to see and analyze how you think.
They ask the most bizarre questions you've ever heard.
And they can be provocative .. in order to see how you respond to their provocations.

» Athletic Types Tend to Hold Up Better

And they have way too much sexual energy for mere mortal women.
(Tho, you clearly are from another planet.)

This is why writers tend to go after the athletic types.

Athletic chick showing you her abs

[ This girl here .. showing you her impressive abs .. she has got herself some guns. ]
[ When I see a girl with a set of guns .. with a pair of baby-pythons .. ]
[ It is difficult for me not to wonder, "What drives a chick to grow guns like that?" ]
[ It is difficult for me not to be curious about her. ]
[ Because I happen to know about such things from a masculine perspective. ]

Because they tend to hold up better.

Caroline Wozniacki

Under that relentless pounding.
During those nightly wrestling matches.

» The Jiujitsu Lover Submits His Lover with Both Strength and Technique

I am something of a jiujitsu lover ..
.. employing both leverage and overwhelming strength ..
.. coupled with a vast range of highly sophisticated techniques and strategies ..
.. some of which have been around since the most ancient of days ..
.. ancient techniques that are designed to graduately wear out and eventually exhaust my lover ..
.. until she is finally forced to submit ..
.. to my overwhelmingly dominant self.

» Warrior Chicks

Here is where athletic types tend to hold up better.
This has been my experience.

Sweaty Tomb Raider Lara Croft running thru jungle with bow in hand

I admit that I can be hard on women.

» Leg Man

Particularly when they get me all riled up .. and here is a good example of why I feel this way.

I dont try to be hard on them .. it just sort of happens to work out that way.
Look at the legs on this dancer here.

Dancer's legs in Filthy music video

I have always been a leg man myself. Who knows why certain things do it for us?
But this dancer here is a good example of why I feel this way.

» Dancers have the Highest Ratio of Fast-Twitch Muscles

My brother told me that there are both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles.
And that fast-twitch muscles are considered the better or more expensive of the two.
He said that ballet dances (and probably dancers in general) .. have the highest percentage of fast-twitch muscles.

Dancer with impressive legs finishes her choreo to 7 Rings with a cartwheel (29 Jan 2019)

Because these are the types of muscles that are typically built by performing the movements that dancers do daily.
In a creative art-form where your body is your instrument .. tuned to respond to your every interpretive whim.

This is another reason why I feel that dancers must make the best lovers.
The most artistic and creative lovers.
You know what they say about dancers .. they know how to move.
They are trained to give fuller expression to a song, and to the emotions that the song might evoke.

» Nina Knows What I am Talking About

If a girl with legs like this wraps them behind yours .. you aint goin' nowhere, my friend.
You are locked-down hard.
Nina knows what I am talking about.

Nina Kozub | Russian pole dancer

» A Set of Strong, Well-Toned Wheels are Sexy

This girl with the braids and the red shorts here makes my point for me. She makes it very well .. whoever she is.

Look at the weight she is working with.

Chick squatting heavy

I have never worked with this kind of weight. Kudos to this girl .. whoever she is.

You need considerable determination and dedication and perseverance .. in order to pull this off.


When you come across yoga chicks running on the beach, they are bound to have a pair of good, strong, well-toned legs.

"My, what a set of wheels you have there, young lady. Didnt I see you here last week?"

I myself was relegated to riding a bike for years .. so my legs were always in good shape.

Claudia Gadelha Brazillian UFC fighter-chick with serious guns (t=1:07)

I can't say that I really understand it .. but these girls appear to actually enjoy it.
When I am being hard on them.
Girls are so beyond figuring out.

Nina Kozub | Russian pole dancer

Freud spent 30 years of his life trying to figure out women and he finally gave up.
And he consumed a shitload of drugs in the process.
Can't say that I really blame him.

Because they are such fascinating creatures.
Downright dazzling.
And they are all so different .. so very different.
From the satanic to the divine.

» Bound and Determined

If you are really bound and determined, despite all my warnings, to be quantumly entangled with me, girly ..
.. to have me light your ass up (.. I can feel you craving my energy) ..
then I feel obligued to declare at least some of my liabilties.
(Because I have so many of them .. so much baggage.)

When I enter a new relationship with a new girl ..
I am always impressed when they share with me some of their issues.
It gives me respect for them .. because honestly knowing yourself is very difficult. You know.

It has been my experience that
it's always easier to deal with the elephant in the room
if you dont deny that there is an elephant in the room.
[ Cue soundtrack of ear-piercing elephant trumpet. ]

The biggest liability, perhaps, with a writer .. is that the writing often takes priority.
So if the relationship begins to demand more than it is yielding ..
then it is only a matter of time before it is finished.

I would be willing to wager, girly, that you have the following perspective when it comes to guys:
"if they are good for my singing, then they are good for me.
And if they are bad for my singing, then they are bad for me."

I know this feeling, girly .. because the writer is trying his best to stay alive.
(And it's not easy sometimes.)
So, if a girl is affecting my writing in a negative way .. then she is affecting me in a negative way.

And if such negativity continues .. then the end of such a relationship is already near.

I could really get off on a tangent here .. but then I would sound crazy. So I wont go there.
But my point here, perhaps .. is that » some girls understand this, and some dont.
(You get this, girly.)

I have learned with singers .. that, if you can make them sing ..
if you can put a song in their hearts ..
then life suddenly becomes filled with wonder and enchantment.

One of the secrets, I have found, to finding a relationship that works ..
is when each other's issues complement, rather than antagonize, each other.
In other words » when they work together and not against.

This is why I am usually clear on either, "This is working for me,"
or, "This is not working for me."
Because, if it's not working for either of us, then why would we ever want to be together?
(Obvious answer » we wouldnt.)

But this here with you is working well for me. Very well, indeed.
(And fuck if it doesnt keep getting better all the time.)

» What Is It About You that Speaks to Me?

There's definitely something about you, girly.
Fuck if I know what it is.
But I intend to find out.

Because you make me feel so good.
Maybe it's because you're a singer.
I like singers .. always have.

Writers and singers.
Sing me a song and I'll tell you a story.

» Is This From Your New Video with Nicki?

Oh, girly .. speaking of singing me a song .. is this clip from your new video with Nicki?
I was so dazzled and twitterpated by the visuals .. that I didnt even hear the story behind it.

I dont know how you have time to do all this stuff.
(There must be three of you.)

My sources tell me that you are going to be performing your new Side to Side song with Nicki at the VMAs.
At the Garden, no less. Oh, that's going to be lots of fun.
I can hardly wait .. I am very much looking forward to that. (You never disappoint.)

That's a nice groove.
Makes me feel like I'm at Bob Marley concert.
One love.

I'm not going to say that I have one love for you, girly.
(But I could.)

Can you feel my push-n-pull?
Life is like a sine wave .. up-n-down.
There are things to enjoy on the way up .. and other things to enjoy on the way down.

» The Creative Process in Action

Oh .. this is very fucking cool.
I am totally pumped now.
I got your creative energy right here, girly.

Ariana to perform at the 2016 MTV VMAs at MSG in NYC

I got a few statements of my own I'm going to be making.
Stand the fuck by.
(You should probably look around for something sturdy to grab hold of.)

But first, you need to get on the floor .. and do your thing.
"This is what I do. You might wanna step back .. for your own safety.
"And put on these here thermonuclear-grade sunglasses. The flash can get bright."

» This Made Me Want to Have At You

I wanted to have sex with you after I saw this annoucement.
I didnt try to feel this way .. I just did.

I wanted to have at you .. until there was nothing left of you.
Until you were completely annihilated .. and your ass completely converted to pure energy.

» I'm Not Going to Tell You the Thing that Made Me Want You

I am not even going to tell you what it was .. that did it for me.
Back on Page Four I wrote » "Remind me to tell you about the thing that really did it for me ..
.. where I felt my last bit of resistance crumble."

[ Page Four seems like a hundred years ago now. ]

It was a similar thing here .. when I saw this annoucement.
It's always interesting for me .. to see the thing that really does it for me.
The straw that breaks the camel's back .. so to speak.

I hate to keep returning (not really) to that something 'bout that you sing about
but it really is very much about that something.
You just cant help it.

Notice how you are not even in this video.
I mean, sure, there are some photos of you .. but you are not even singing here.
Only your voice, your speaking voice, is here.

And you say some cool shit .. that made me want you.
But it's never what you think.
That's why I told you to ask me .. because I know you want to know what it is.
(Your secrets are safe with me, lover-girl.)

[ This girl who trained me .. on how to deal with girly-girls .. do you think she trained me well? ]

There is a thing .. were girls just seem to know how to say the exact-right thing ..
in the exact-right way, at the exact-right time .. in a way that works for me.
(Even when you sometimes wish they wouldnt.)

It feels like they have access to my deep, inner parts.
What a feeling you give me.
It shouldnt be possible .. yet there it is.

I like the way I get to see the actual process of creativity in this 60-second short.
That's the reason why I grabbed the image of the paintbrush painting those girly colors.
The creative process.

I do this for you myself .. you get to see my creativity in action.
(I kinda watch it go to work myself .. to be honest .. because it seems to have a mind of its own at times.)

My creativity obviously likes you.
(It likes you a lot.)
I create whole worlds and universes for you, girly .. right before your very eyes.

I feel like I'm just getting warmed up.

Oh .. it looks like Britney is also going to be doing her thing.
Say hi for me.
Tell her that I wrestled with a few pythons myself .. so I can certainly sympathize.

She's a total fucking legend.

Britney to perform at the 2016 MTV VMAs

The thing about Britney that really freaked people out ..
was the way she sexualized herself .. at such a young age.
People simply did not know how to handle that.

She was totally working the Lolita vibe .. in a big way.
Unapologetically .. kissing Madonna with an open mouth and whatnot.
(It's not just older men who can appreciate the Lolita vibe.)

Tommy Genesis (Oct 2017)

This here is Genesis Yasmine Mohanraj, known professionally as Tommy Genesis.
She is a Canadian rapper, model and visual artist.
In 2016, Dazed magazine described her as "the internet's most rebellious underground rap queen."
Her music has been noted for its experimental style and hyper-sexual, aggressive verses.
She got my attention right away.
How old do you reckon that she is? I could not find her age anywhere.
Does she not have an innocent look about her.

You parallel Britney her there .. so I'm sure you resonate with her easily and naturally.

Britney says that the VMAs dont just give you a stage .. they give you a » story.
If anybody would know...

I got a story for you, girly.
I'm not sure how it will turn out .. but I'm sure it will be banned in many countries.

» A Bothered State of Sexual Frenzy

Oh, girly .. this is very teasy.
I am normally immune to the tease .. because I am the king of tease myself.
(I want them in a bothered state of sexual frenzy .. when I finally have at them.)
Master of Anticipation.

Nine seconds? You are such a tease

When I saw this, I said, "Nine seconds? What a tease."
And it's really only 1 second looped a bunch of times.
Payback is coming .. you can expect it.

Look at all the parallel lines in this shot.
So many parallel lines .. that I can hardly stand it.
Kudos to whoever crafted this shot .. artistic kudos.

Parallel lines speak to mathy people like me.
I dare not tell you what they are saying.

I will come over there and fan your ass, girly .. I will fan your ass right-proper.
I see how hot you are.
How hot-n-bothered you are.

I almost feel sorry for you .. being so hot-n-bothered .. but I know better.
(Than to feel sorry for you.)

» Getting Slippery Under Slanty Sloping Ceilings

The singer-girl, the California girl, the LA woman .. she lived in a third-floor (top) apt there in New Haven.
The kind with the same slanty, sloping ceilings .. like you have here in this teaser.
That sucker would get seriously toasty in the summer .. after baking in the sun all day.

I bet that Ed Sheeran knows the type of slanty, sloping ceilings that I am talking about.
He looks kind of sweaty here himself. I'm sure that he has been working very hard.
I like Irish girls. I mean, who doesnt?

Ed Sheeran with Saoirse Rohan and a slanty sloping roof in Galway Girl

[ I couldnt help but wonder, "How did they get this shot?'" which zooms out from here. ]
[ Is that purely the zooming power of the lens? Or some kind of drone? ]
[ Whatever the case might be, the shot works. ]

Does not Ed Sheeran seem very comfortable in his skin?
Does he not seem completely at home with who he is?

I saw this thing recently where he compared Bob Dylan to Marshall.
I immediately checked the date when he said this .. because I did the same thing myself.
His thing is dated May, 2012, while mine is dated Sept, 2013.

When I saw that he had beat me by more than a year, I thought, "How is this possible?"
I mean, he's obviously not copying me.
[ My ego is convinced, "They must have doctored the date." ]

The last time I had a feeling like that was with something that Cormac McCarthy had said.
It was something that I had said myself, but Cormac said it much, much sooner.
And I thought, "How did he get so far ahead of me?"

I originally wrote off this thing as being because Cormac is so much older than me.
Older equals more years of living .. which often equals more life-experiences.
But Ed Sheeren is not older than me.
And that's why this thing has been working me.

And then Ed covered some Dylan. So we are definitely vibing on some level.
"You just kind of wasted my precious time. Dont think twice it's alright."
I remember the first time that I heard those lyrics and thought, "That's exactly how I feel."

» We Got Slippery a Lot Under those Slanty, Sloping Ceilings

Anyway .. back to my slanty, sloping ceilings.
She had a fan, but we would get a serious sweat going .. during the heat-waves.
(After coming home from a night of dancing.)

You get kinda slippery when you get real sweaty, you know.
(Migos and Gucci Mane know what I'm talking about.)

Slippery by Migos ft Gucci Mane

[ Nice color palette here. Makes me feel right at home. ]

We got slippery a lot there in her little roof loft .. the one with those slanty sloping ceilings.
It was a small apartment, but had great energy.

» A Mattress Thrown on the Floor in the Living Room

She had thrown a mattress down on the floor in the living room. I loved that.

Mattress thrown on the floor in Let Me Love You

With a few candles strategically placed here-n-there.

I bet that this girl here knows what I am talking about.
Look at this large mattress thrown down on the floor in the middle of the house.

Is this a king or a queen?

This singer-girl was always game for whatever.
She blew my mind a number of times.
Everybody liked her.

» You were Golden

Even Nana went out of her way a few times to say,
"That's a nice girl. I like Kristen .. I like her a lot."
If Nana said your girlfriend was cool .. you were golden.

I actually found making vigorous love in sauna-like heat a therapeutic thing.
Wonderfully therapeutic.
I had great dreams sleeping at her place.

» The Most Psychologically Healthy Relationship

I would have to think about it ..
but I think that I felt the most healthy with her.
Psychologically healthy.

I could really be myself with this girl.
She brought out the best in me.
I felt completely comfortable with her.
I trusted her.

When I say that I can most easily be myself with a singer,
she is the reason why.

I do not consciously say to myself, "The more I can be myself with a girl, the better I like her."
But this seems to be the case in practice.

(She was certainly whipping plenty of therapy sessions on my ass.)

I can see now .. that I was not ready for a girl like her.
I thought that I knew more than I really did.
I did not even know how far ahead of me she was .. until much later.

» The Coolest Friends

She had the coolest friends, too.
Speaking of the coolest friends...

Camila & Fifth Harmoney feeling the love at the 2016 VMAs at MSG in NYC

These Fifth Harmany girls are obviously feeling the love.
Camila is giving me the secret Illuminati hand sign while Lauren is happily touching herself.
I like these girls. (Who doesnt?) I like singers .. always have.

This thing you do here with your voice at t-3:17 .. this is very fucking cool.
I can totally see why these Fifth Harmony girls are feeling you.
I do not even know what you are doing with your voice here ..

.. it is sort of a stop-n-go thing with the beat.
This is very cool, girly .. the way you did that.

» 2016 VMA Performance of Side to Side w/ Nicki at MSG in NYC

I was so not expecting this performance from you.
I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but I know that this isnt it.
Talk about being banned in many countries...

Did you notice, girly .. that up above on this very page, I wrote »
» "This is why writers tend to go after the athletic types .. because they tend to hold up better."

I was being a little funny there, sure .. but I would normally never write such a thing.
And I had no idea that this performance was going to feature a work-out environment.
Maybe I am feeling you more than I think I am.

I couldnt help but notice the concentric rectangles behind the cycles.
This is normally an illusion to the effect you get when mirrors cover both walls ahead and behind.
So the cyclists can observe their form.

In programming, such vanishing endpoints allude to recursion.
Which brings into play the power of infinity.
It is a very powerful tool in writing algorithms.

» A Lover Who Challenges Us to Grow and Expand Our Horizons

I admit to being a little freaked out by your ending.
More than just 'surprised' .. but yes, definitely surprised.

Ariana summons her servant at the 2016 MTV VMAs at MSG in NYC Aug 28

I wouldnt say 'shocked' .. but definitely heading in that direction.
If you saw my reaction .. I'm sure you would laugh.

I can feel it challenging me .. such as the way you close your eyes there and turn your head away.
And the look on your face leading up to this moment is very serious .. you are not playing.
Not even a little. You leave the uncomfortable viewer no wiggle room.

Which is why this would be banned in many countires.
Nicki looks like she is playing the part, but you look like you have experience here.
You look like you are enjoying the moment a little too much maybe.
Certainly from my perspective you are.

It's good when a lover challenges us .. no?
When they challenges us to grow .. to expand our world.
When they are able to break us out of our comfort zones .. to embrace new horizons.

[ Why am I having a déjà vu right now? ]

I think I will be using this image of you .. in my racy homage.
That is not an easy page to write.
Not the way I write.

There are actually a few places .. where I could use this image.
The things you make me feel ...
This is a powerful thing, girly .. when you can make a guy feel such things.

This is one of those things .. that makes a woman dangerous.

When I heard Nicki rap, "I give zero fucks..."
I thought about what I wrote to Abbe.
"And then I am going to go walk around .. like I dont give a fuck."

» Olympic-Grade Fully-Extended Flying-Atomic Inverted Woo-Woo on the Pommel Horse

In the scene where you lie back on the pommel horse
I thought of where I wrote » ".. she wont know which way is up."
And you do the woo-woo thing there.

Ariana upsidedown on the pommel horse at the 2016 MTV VMAs at MSG in NYC August 28

Sometimes you make the writer in me feel like a kid in a candy store.
Look at your hand here .. fully extended.
Sometimes you make me feel aggressive .. downright predatory.

You know, girly .. I've had some training in OSHA regulations.
And this stuff you are doing here .. such as these inverted flying woo-woo's
and standing on those bicycle seats while wearing those shoes.

If I were there, I would have to cite your ass for numerous safety violations.
And I'm sure this would take some time.
I'm sure the associated fine would be most severe.

» No Wonder Mariah Carey Hates Her

Oh, girly .. I just saw this reaction video .. to your live VMA performance.
Some British-sounding dude.
He said, "Holy shit .. this girl is singing while riding an exercise bike. No wonder Mariah Carey hates her."

( I thought that was funny .. so I wanted to share it with you. )

» Side to Side Official Video Release

I did see the official release video of this song, but I am not yet prepared to discuss it.
(Girly, you are gonna get us in trouble yet .. so much trouble. Girls like you are always trouble.)
( The thing is .. people will say, "Ariana was such a nice girl .. until she got involved with that writer." )
[ Erin is wondering (at t-6:00) from whence your inspiration was derived. She's not alone in her wondering. ]
( You are mining me .. for ore .. while I am mining you. That almost sounds sexual. )

I will say however, that I saw a handful of reaction videos.
(I wish that these 'reactors' would share their city/state and country.)
And viewers seem to feel that this is your best video yet.

And the part where Nicki raps "Young Ariana run pop" ..
a number of viewers turn to the camera at this point and comment, "She *does* run pop."
(Some also say about Nicki, "She *is* the queen of rap.")
They arent so much bragging on you .. as they are simply acknowledging the obvious.

Young Ariana run pop

I found these comments more than interesting.
I am not pop-savvy enough to know the current state-of-affairs.
But this is a huge fucking statement.

And I understand that personal preference comes into play, sure.
Simply being popular is one thing .. but running pop .. ooh, that's something else entirely.
That would make you a powerful woman .. which would naturally make you dangerous.

I had not even heard of you until a couple of years ago .. and now you are "running pop"?
Good thing I did not know this about you.
Because then I would never have had the huevos rancheros to write this sassy shit.

Is this song really about (what I call) » "the easy gait of a thoroughbred .. that's in no big hurry." ?
Now there's a subject I could certainly hold forth on.

But not now.
[ What is it about you girls and the bicycles you ride? ]

» Makin' Everybody Think that We Solo on the Down-Low

Makin' everybody think that we solo on the down-low

You know, girly .. I have plenty of experience keeping things on the down-low.
(Probably too much. I also like your color palette here .. my signature color palette.)

You gotta be a sneaky, little shit sometimes .. if you want to keep things on the down-low.
(Particularly when you are sleeping with powerful women .. with beautiful skin.)

I have experience tiptoeing down hallways and sneaking out of fancy-ass resorts .. very early in the morning
at the crack of dawn, when the dew is still forming on the grass.
And the only thing awake with me are all these birds.
I remember thinking, "What a beautifully manicured place .. so this is how the other half lives."

And I was debating whether to take a shower .. because I was wearing her elixir.
And it felt so amazingly good.
But I was just going to get some more on me tonight, anyway .. so why not freshen up?

And then there are the stolen glances at work .. that say so much.
You know what I'm talking about.
Speaking of which ...

This part is fucking low

We have been doing this secret flirty stuff long enough .. that I can see that you are good at what you do.
Very good, indeed. Your skills and your talents and your gifts are no big secret.
Surely you must know some secrets .. you must have an intuitive feel for how these 'pop' things work.

I have no appetite for such things .. or, maybe I just have no stomach for it.
(My values lie elsewhere.)

So I cant help but feel curious about your intuitions on the subject.
See .. poppy things (for me) are » "out there" .. so to speak.
(In this respect, Ariana, I feel as tho I am able to live vicariously thru you .. to a degree.)
(Notice also how Gaga speaks of the trauma of sudden fame.)

The End of the Tour trailer about David Foster Wallace

But I am primarily interested in exploring (in this phase of my life) the inner space (where God resides).
Speaking of exploring the inner space ...

» The Zen Master Speaks to Focused Attention

Along these lines of our conscious attention being d.r.a.w.n. by "the thing" that most strongly commands our attention ..
I once read a fascinating passage in a chapter titled » Consciousness and Concentration
.. where a Zen Master is quoted (page 33) as saying »

»» No one can possibly concentrate intentionally upon a given object. This is a fact of truth; try it. ««

Zen Garden

Now, such a quote might be dismissed as absurd .. were it not coming from a Zen Master.
I mean, Zen Masters .. this is what they do » consciousness and concentration.
No? (Yes.)

The passage from this Zen Master is actually a whole page. I will not cite the entire thing.
But he goes on to say »

»» In fact, we focus our attention, concentrate, on the strongest thought,
that which arouses the most interest, that which presents itself at any moment. ««

The rest of the passage expounds on what he means by this.
But these two sentences carry the weight of his message.

The reason why I find this perspective interesting,
and the reason why it comes to mind now,
is because I find myself (quite naturally) focusing on you.

You are certainly a beautiful, sparkly creature.
So I probably shouldnt be so surprised. Yet I am.

» I Cant Seem to Quit this Girl

I thought about some of the Zen things after seeing how long this writing has gone on.
And I caught myself thinking, "I just cant seem to quit this girl."

But when a beautiful, sparkly creature makes you feel so amazingly good ..
how can you ignore such a creature?
How can you keep your attention from focusing on her?

Who is able to do such a thing?
Show me the man.
This I will need to see for myself.

Speaking of beautiful, sparkly creatures ...

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