Ariana making me cry on the Vocoder

Ariana Making Me Cry on the Vocoder
2016 Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd, Las Vegas
You're Not Alone in the World

This made me cry.
How good does it feel .. to know that you're not alone in the world?
(That's what writers call a rhetorical question.)

The Vocoder is my new favorite instrument.

» We Need to be Appreciated by People Who Can Actually Appreciate Us

I can see now that we need to be appreciated by people who can actually appreciate us.
Who know what they are appreciating.

When we feel appreciated by people who are truly able to appreciate us ..
.. this feels better than the rest-of-the-world-combined appreciating us.


A person may possess the most dazzling gifts.
But, if someone cant or doesnt appreciate them ..
then, that does not diminish the gift or the talent. (Or the person.)

Not at all.
It only means that their gifts or talents arent appreciated by that particular person.
I'm sure that Nicki would agree.

Nicki agrees that your value doesnt decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth

I feel confident that Rembrandt would also concur.

So, it naturally feels good .. when we find people who can actually appreciate our gifts.
I know you feel me.

When you start singing here .. when you first begin .. it is just raw voice.
Completely naked.
And I can hear you so clearly .. that it feels like it shouldnt be possible.

I love that .. I love the way the song starts with just naked voice.
I like it so much that .. I can feel myself trying to figure out why.

The Vocoder doesnt come in until a little later.
That obviously speaks to me.
I am not sure what it is saying .. but I know that I like it.

It feels like just me and you .. nobody else.
You and me alone .. in our own little universe.
(Just the way I like it .. intimate.)

» Lilium Knows What I Am Talking About

I bet that Lilium knows what I am talking about.

Lilium pretending that we are the only two in the world .. and no one else (29 Sept 2016).

[ Lilium is from Denmark. It feels like she is climbing inside my head. ]
[ I had to pause the video a few times .. because the sense of her actually being there with me was freaking me out. ]
[ In a good way, of course. ]
[ She has convincing eyes. A convincing gaze. ]
[ As a writer, this is exactly what you want. ]
[ You want your reader to feel like you are writing directly to them .. and only to them. ]
[ I was struck by the way she adds the phrase ".. and no one else." ]
[ I am not sure why this kind of thing works me so hard .. but it does. It obviously does. ]
[ My mom's name was Lilian. ]
[ People from other cultures interest me .. how they view the world. Their perspective on things. ]

It's really a mind-blowing thing .. if you think about it.
Maybe that's why I was crying .. because my mind was blown.

And the closeness .. wow.
I definitely felt the closeness.
( And yes, it felt really fucking good. )

What a touch you have.
I like girls who know how to touch.

And then you have this briefest of pause
between dangerous and woman .. while you shift chords.
I could write volumes on what happens to me during that pause.

I know it certainly doesnt seem like much time elapses.
But you have transported me to this place .. where time no longer exists.

» Upping My Game

I do a little slaying myself, girly. Take that.
I know how to deal with girls like you.
I've had training for this kind of shit.

This is what I call » upping my game.
And I'm just getting warmed up.
Warm up » throw down.

[ I can see myself flashing you some of my personality here. ]

You obviously do something to me.
And this is why you are dangerous.

This is some very cool writing right here.
You would not believe how this feels. Crystal electric.

This is a new thing right here. For me.
I am just getting this now. Wow.

You are so screwed, girly girl.
Your panties are mine.

The last time I had a feeling like this ..
.. was when I was a sperm entering the egg.
That was a good feeling, too.

( You know that feeling .. you must. Dig deep .. you'll find it. )

The bigger they are .. the harder they fall.
That's what I always say.

And the harder they fall .. the longer it takes before they can get back up.
And when they do finally get back up .. they are kinda unsteady on their feet.

This is my little, competitive gamey thing here.
You obviously challenge me .. in profound ways.

No one will say that you dont slay.
You dont have to go around saying, "I slay," because everybody already knows it.
( Even the dang cockroaches know that you are a slayer cometh. )

You may have a pack of ninjas,
but now I have a secret weapon.

Afterwards, after hearing you sing this ..
.. I felt my respect for you grow.
In the sort of way that happens when somebody kicks your ass really good.

I always knew that you were a slayer .. an epic slayer.
I just had no idea that you were this good.

» I Like This Girl .. She Makes Me Feel Good

I was out on a walk .. and I heard you singing to me.
I heard you singing the very beginning here ..
.. before the Vocoder comes in.

When it is just me-n-you.
And then I heard the vocoder come in.
(Which is just really a manipulation of your voice.)

But it is still just me-n-you.
There is no crowd.
There is no auditorium.

It's like your voice is somehow inside of me.
I wasnt trying to think of your voice.
It came to me on its own.

This is some amazingly cool shit.

And when I heard you singing to me ..
.. I could feel something inside relax.
And I took a nice, deep breath.

And I thought, "Oh, I like this girl. She makes me feel good."

I definitely felt the gentleness.
And sometimes, particularly when you have been getting your ass kicked left-n-right ..
.. a little gentleness just feels so nice.

I like you, girly .. I like you a lot.
You make me feel good .. you slayer extraordinaire.
Say hi to Buffy for me.

The end. ■

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