Dont make me get all Whitney Houston on your ass

Ariana Singing a Whitney Houston Medley on ABC Greatest Hits Finale August 4, 2016
Dont Make Get All Whitney Houston on Your Ass

Look at you here, girly. You are not playing around.
I imagined you saying, "Dont make me get all Whitney Houston on your ass."

While I was working with this image of you in GIMP, I heard a voice say,
"Does this look like a girl who is playing games? No, she is not playing. She has clearly come to slay."

The transition here is from a girl who is questioning and unsure ( "How will I know?" )
to one who is boldly confident ( "I got the stuff that you, I got the thing that you need." )
That is a big transition, girly.

And fuck if you didnt pull it off. And make it look easy.
You are clearly in the zone here .. at one with that thing that you do.
That slaying thing that you do.

You are an amazing creature.

This is where you come back from singing the first song, which was most impressive. (Ask anybody.)
And you throw this bad-ass, no-playing-around look, and I heard you say,
"Put that in your story, Mr. Writer-Man. Write me a chapter or two on that."

The end. ■

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