Rihanna's eyes in This Is What You Came For

Rihanna's Eyes in
This Is What You Came For

Wow .. look at you here. Downright hypnotizing.
You are making me dizzy.

Perhaps this means that you signal the premature arrival of the future.
Can you see the future, Rihanna? Like Dostoevsky?
With eyes like those, I'm sure you a lot of things that most people could never imagine.

Or maybe you are from the future.

Did you ever see that 2014 movie Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt?
Some things about that movie felt a lttle too real to me.

Do you ever feel prophetic?
John says that all believers get some degree of prophetic insight.
Some feel that his prophetic quality .. is the thing that can make you crazy.

This clarity-of-vision when looking into the future.

Look at your eyes here in this image.
I can hear something inside asking, "Where is this girl from?"
She obviously isnt from this planet.

When God was making girls, he said, "Just turn all the dials all the way up and let's see what happens."
That's where you came from.
The beauty dial .. the talent dial .. so many dials there on the girly mixing board.

I actually spent some time cropping this screen-grab exactly how I wanted.
I wanted to focus on your eyes .. but could not crop down that far.
Because of the other cool stuff going on here.

I use your image here, where I talk about the way that girls can sometimes make a guy feel
like he's walking in the clouds among the gods.
Do you girls know that you have this power?

While I was working with this image of you in GIMP, I heard the voice in my head say to you,
"You're right .. this is what I came for."

I had been waiting for days for a title to come, and this is where I got my title.
I did not want to use your name in the title .. tho I am not sure why.
I was all ready to build out the page, but first, I needed a title.

This image goes with a page titled »
What I Came For .. Intimate, Late-Night Conversations with a Singer

It may be worth drawing an interesting comparison here ..
between Rihanna's eyes and those of Fred Phelps.
Notice any differences?

Perhaps later, we will compare-n-contrast those differences.
Or, how about these so-called church people?
Take a look into their eyes and tell me what you see.

I wont even bring up Justin Ross Harris.

This guy here does interesting, thoughtful reactions.
And Zachary always cracks me up.

I'm sure I will have more to say under this image of Rihanna
This page was initially posted on July 4, 2016.
(Late at night, of course.)

» Drake Wants to Make a Baby with Rihanna

Oh, I just saw that Drake wants to go halfs with you .. on a baby.
Can anybody blame him?
And he was saying some very nice things about you, too.

You two would make beautiful babies.

» You Can Have Any Guy You Want

You can have any guy you want.
Speaking of which .. do you know Usain Bolt? (You should.)

Here's a note I would send him if I were you.

Hey Bolt.
I saw you race at the Olympics. I saw you break more world records.
I heard people say that these records that you broke are unlikely to ever be broken again.
I was planning to spend a few days chillin' in Jamaica next month to get a little irie with some friends there.
Perhaps we could hook up for a few lazy hours some lazy afternoon.
I would enjoy that .. I'm looking to break a few records myself.
Let me know what works for you.
I have a gift for you.
Love, RiRi
PS: Drake says 'Hey.'

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