16 Year Old High-School Sophomore Kalief Browder Slammed to the Ground Head-First while Hand-Cuffed by a Uniformed Officer at Rikers Island Jail in NYC

Life Inside the Hellhole that is Rikers Island Jail, NYC (2/2)
16 Year Old High School Sophomore Kalief Browder
Slammed to the Ground Head-First While Hand-Cuffed by a Uniformed Officer
April 23, 2015

That's right, you read it correctly.
Hard to believe, no?

I mean, the kid is flying thru the air and coming down on his head, all while wearing the 'bracelets'.
That floor looks pretty hard to me. Pretty unforgiving.
Difficult to break your fall when hand-cuffed, I would imagine.

Somebody should ask Hulk Hogan or one of the WWF studs
what they think about the idea of doing a flying atomic elbow from the top rung
head first onto a concrete floor while hand-cuffed.

I am pretty sure they will say, "That sounds like a bad idea to me. Very bad."

Compliments of The New Yorker. Magnum kudos to Jennifer.
Here's another screen-shot if you cant believe your eyes.

Scripture instucts the Christian to » "Let your forbearance be known to ALL men."
(Not just to those in church.)
I see no forbearance here. Do you? (I see quite the opposite.)

Scripture also says that the Lord Himself performs » righteous deeds of vindication for ALL who are oppressed.
If I were somehow appointed Judge of the living and the dead, I would certainly characterize this as oppression.

This shit ought not be. But obviously (much too obviously) it is.
Obviously a highly-engineered environment. Moral lightning bolts await the engineers.

You will see what I mean.
Dont say you werent warned.

They are coming.
On horses swifter than leopards.
Stand the fuck by.

For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, "I will light this bitch up."
( Which should not be confused with » "I will light you up, bitch." )
Once the greatest civilization on the planet, Egypt is still fucked up .. several millenia later. You know. It's sad.

Perhaps it's worth noting that ..
.. the voice in the back of my head caught me off-guard when he said
"Dude, that sounds a lot like prophecy to me."

After many hours of careful consideration, I had to agree.

Actually, they are still back there, talking.
You would not believe what they are saying.
I am just going to try to ignore them, for now.

Because this shit is so fucked up, on so many levels, that,
beyond what I have already written here on the subject ..
.. I still feel compelled to (explicitly) state my objection. (I learned that word in court.)

An objection, in the context as used here, means something like »
» "This shit is so morally fucked up that lightning bolts are obviously headed this way ..

.. and I dont want any of your lightning bolts getting off on me.
So I do declare here-n-now that I am hereby against this shit."

I am surprised (to be honest) that this video actually got out. Like it's Abu Ghraib all over again.

If Dostoevsky is right when he says »
"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons."
What does this video say about our society?
You know what Mandela would say.

I noticed that Justice Kennedy also quotes Dostoevsky and mentions Kalief.
The article concludes by saying that Justice Kennedy is saying »
(in his supremely esoteric legalese lingo)
» "Bring me a case so I can work my supremely well-informed mojo on this unrighteous bullshit."

So somebody needs to bring it .. but who?
Who can bring the thunder?

And if we can't find any christians who are willing to step up,
then perhaps a compassionate atheist will.
[ Do you know any atheists who beat their children to death? Cuz I dont. None. ]

As a product of Connecticut, and a resident of California, with friends in Jersey,
and as someone who lived in New York for barely a year,
I realize it is probably none of my business ..

But I was wondering how the residents of NYC feel about the recent trial ..
.. in Germany, of Oskar Groning, the Nazi SS guard at Auschwitz.
And what might constitute » complicity .. both moral & legal.

Because the uniformed officer picture here
is being paid by the citizens of NYC, no?

[ Upate July 15, 2015 » Oscar got a 4-year sentence. He is 94. He lived a long life. ]

Your tax dollars hard at work.
Slamming hand-cuffed sophomores onto concrete flooring, head first.

I am most interested in how New York's (influential) Jewish community might feel about such things.
And do they see any paralleles between the facts behind Oskar's case ..

.. and those surrounding the treatment of blacks and minor-teenagers, such as Kalief, at Rikers Island?
And where their moral responsibility might lie in such matters of civil administration.

Does the notion of racial oppression not speak to you?
Especially when you consider the ages that we are dealing with here. (Teens.)

Does such treatment not provoke somewhere in you a sense of compassion .. for those treated similarly?
Or have you already become immune to such sensibilities?
Or does the color-of-their-skin make them a non-issue for you?

You know what they say » to whom much is given...
And » ye shall know them by their fruit.
Res ipsa loquitur » the thing speaks for itself.

If you were wondering why so many blacks seem angry.
Wonder no more.

Is this your goal, Mr. Jail Man?
To fuck up the heads of black youth?

You must admit .. that would yield a degree of increased job-security.
If you fuck up their young heads.

By hand-cuffing them.
And picking them up and then slamming them to the floor (head first).
We wont even bring up the years he spent in solitary.

That would definitely fuck up their heads.
And tend to make them violent.
I would imagine.

But not just one time, no.
Rather you need to keep at it, periodically repeating the training.

This is not being 'tough-on-crime,' no.
This is cruel and downright sadistic shit.

Anyway, this is not the only violence visited upon young Kalief. No, sir.
If you watch the video (6 mins), you'll see more such assaults.

The video says that Kalief has rejected joining gangs,
Isnt this the type of behavior we want to encourage?

I find it curious that I probably would not have written this page ..
had I not gone to jail myself, which allows me to empathize.

This is why I feel that everyone involved in the prosecution and sentencing
of citizens to jail or prison .. should spend 3 days in the big house.

To get a better feel for the consequences of their actions & decisions.
Preferably on an annual basis, but right now I would gladly take a one-time deal.

The end. ■

Update May 29, 2015 » Jerry Brown likes my word » hellhole.
Jerry Brown and Pope Francis both come from a Jesuit background, I heard.

The "hellhole" that Jerry is referring to is yet another incarnation of incarceration.

Every person I have ever met who had a Jesuit education ..
.. struck me as impressively smart. Well educated. Well read.
More worldly than religious.
Emotionally stable.

[ Speaking of emotional stability .. what about Jerry Brown for President? ]
<end update May 29, Jerry Brown's hellhole of debtors' prison ■■>

Update - June 8, 2015

Oh, this is sad .. very sad.
Seems that the boy pictured in the photo above, Kalief Browder,
the one getting dumped on his head while hand-cuffed ..
committed suicide this past weekend.

He hung himself .. in New York City .. just like Aaron did.
So young .. he was only 22.

What a shame. What a crying shame.
Here is an editorial from the editorial board at the Times.

I just wrote about him 6 weeks ago .. after viewing the video at the New Yorker.
On April 23rd.

My condolences to the parents.
Wow. Shocking.

The thing that adds insult to injury here .. is that Kalief never even had a trial.
What the fuck?

» Notice Any Differences?

Compare the video of Kalief getting tossed around the concrete jungle on his head while cuffed
.. with this one [ « usa today] about a similarly-aged white teen.
Notice any differences? Other than skin color, I mean.

Dont you find it morally offensive that bad parenting is a valid defense against jail-time for rich kids,
but not for poor ones?

I will give Jennifer, the author of the original story, the final word. ■■■

Update June 22, 2015 » New York City Settles Suit Over Abuses at Rikers Island
Okay, now we're starting to get somewhere.

In nuclear power, if you cannot operate a reactor plant safely,
they send people from Washington to come look over your shoulder
and tell you what you can and cant do.

I do not know what this is like.
But it certainly sounds like it sucks immeasurably. ■■■■

» Update July 17, 2015

Neil says that Rikers needs to be shutdown.
Obama becomes the first president to visit a federal prison. Wow.
Erik says there's hope. I know you might find that hard to believe, but see for yourself.

Obama at El Reno Prison in Oklahoma on July 16, 2015

Update August 13, 2015

Looks like the Pope is coming to US prisons .. the Vicar of Christ himself.
Next month. (That was fast.)

And he will most certainly be motivated. (Trust me.)

He is going to have a little something to say
about his disappointment .. with the State of Incarceration
here in the "Land of the Free".

(What a joke that moniker has become. A sad, sorry joke. Very sad.)

Francis will be bringing the thunder .. just so you know. Vatican-grade thunder.
You will see what I mean.
Dont say you werent warned.

So you might wanna look around for something sturdy to grab hold of.
Because he knows more about "incarceration" than you think. (Way more.)

And after dealing with the Curia and the Reign of Terror, your incarceration-loving asses will seem like a piece of cake.
Your asses are gonna feel like jelly when the Pope is done with you.
So you will understand if he is downright merciless.

He is probably thinking » "They criticized me for not speaking out strongly enough during the reign of terror."
"No one will criticize me for not speaking out strongly enough against the obscene incarceration policies in the States."
"I will bring the thunder right to their doorstep. So help me, God."

So dont be surprised if he details for you why the notion of Profitting from Prisons
is such a bad idea. Just begging for corruption.
Something that even Margaret Atwood gets.

Along with industry requests for ever more bodie$ to incarcerate.
The #1 growth industry in America .. going back several decades now.

» A Reasonable Challenge to Those in Love with the Idea of Incarceration

Nor should your incarceration-loving asses be surprised
if he challenges you to spend "3 days and 3 nights"
being locked up in America.

Surely, you are no better than the Lord Himself?
Are you?

And seeing that you obviously think so highly of the idea of incarceration.
You shouldnt be so terribly reluctant to embrace the experience.

We are not asking you to go to hell.
( Tho I would not be very surprised if many of you wind up there. )
Nor are we asking you to spend decades locked up .. like you demand of so many others (for petty bullshit).

Is this not a reasonable request?
Seeing how enthusiastically you have been embracing the idea of incarceration.

Sometimes you are able to respond better
when you know a challenge is coming.
Let's hope .. for your sakes.

I told you they were coming (.. on horses swifter than leopards).
You shoulda listened. (Because that was fast.)

The thunder cometh.
Stand the fuck by.

Here's what I know about the Pope » He gets it.
And he is gonna make sure that you get it, too.
You will not be able to say, "I didnt know."

Pope Francis shakes the hand of tattooed inmate at a prison in Philadelphia on Sept 27, 2015

The end. ■

Update October 6, 2015

Oh, look at this!
Stop the presses. We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming.

That is encouraging. 6,000 inmates to be released from prison.
Wait a sec and lemme call my Boss .. and tell him to hold off on the lightning bolts.

Whew! That was close.
His arm was cocked back .. ready to hurl. I caught him just in the nick of time.

You shoulda seen the size of the lightning bolt he had trained on your asses.
On your incarceration-loving asses.

[< You probably have Mr. Schmidt to thank .. that you're not a warm pile of smoldering dust right now. >]

I told Him that you guys were getting it .. that you were getting the message.
I can tell you (in no uncertain terms) that my Boss is not very happy about the state of Incarceration here.

"Not very happy" .. you cannot possibly know the understatement contained in that phrase.
(But you will. And sooner than you think. Much sooner.)

Yes, he is slow to anger.
But even HE has a limit to the bullshit he can abide.
And you have clearly exceeded that limit.

You are stealing lives .. and for no good reason.
If you happen to find yourself standing on a big, red X labeled » Moral Bolt of Lightning Strike Here Now ..
I suggest you step away.

So this development is encouraging.
It falls short, waay short, of what is needed.
But encouraging nonetheless.

Obama listens to inmates at El Reno Prison in Oklahoma on July 16, 2015 Pope Francis Prays for Inmate at Philadelphia Prison on Sept 27, 2015

Update Oct 20, 2015

This is very encouraging .. because much happens at this level.
It can be difficult during these days of political dysfunction for us citizens to expect much from our political system.
But at the Chief-of-Police level .. these guys can make a real difference.

Most encouraging.

Update Oct 26, 2015

More good news for inmates.

Update Nov 10, 2015

Ooh, this is extra good.
Vincent .. I could kiss this guy.
Nothing like first-hand experience and the demonstration of results.

If I were king, I would tell him,
"Dude, give Harvard notice .. your ass is coming to work for me."

Then I would give him a big stick and a bag of carrots and tell him to go to work and,
"Do that thing you do so well."

He has many quotable quotes. I could easily get carried away.

» March 12, 2017 - How can it be, Lord?

At t=3:50 in this video, Joy asks,
"How can it be .. that someone can spend three years in Rikers without being convicted of anything?"

She asks a valid question, no?

A long time ago, a dude named Habakkuk posed a similar question. Some things seem to never change, I guess.

Julia Willoughby Nason, pictured here below, responds by saying,
"Working on this project I learned that Kalief's story is not unusual. The mass incarceration system in this country is a form of social and economic control .. and it's doing exactly what it's designed to do."

You might want to read that again .. or better yet, listen to her say it herself.

Compare her statement with the one that I made here:
"Now you might be tempted to think this an anomaly, but it is not. This is the System in all its glory .. caught on videotape. With a live-audio feed. (Oops.)"

I made that statement under a heading titled » Grinding Your Ass into the Pavement,
after years of first-hand experience in dealing with the system.

Julia Willoughby Nason | Creator of TIME, The Kalief Browder Story

Look at the focus and intensity in her eyes. This is a smart girl here.
She is the creator of the 6-part documentary titled,
TIME | The Kalief Browder Story

She reminds me of Lauren » smart-with-a-heart. Compassionate.
She is the polar opposite of Harry .. because she does indeed have what it takes
to exercise empathy and compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves.

It probably means nothing .. but in my Nuke school class (of 40 students in Orlando) we had a Nason.
I dont even remember his first name, because everybody just called him Nason.
He was the smartest dude in the class.
Weekly they posted a list of class rankings on the wall, and he was always #1. Always.

I was usually ranked #5, 6 or 7 .. along with my gay friend. My friend from the Bronx was usually #2 or 3.
He tried hard to catch Nason, but nobody could touch him.
Nason was a quiet dude .. a man of few words.

TIME | The Kalief Browder Story

[ This article here is related, regarding the system in Texas. (Posted March 9, 2017) ]

To be continued ...

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