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Pine Cone Bomb, Sequoia National Forest, Southern Sierra Mountains

Copyright © 2004, Rad

This pine cone, covered with sticky sap, hit our tent at the crack of dawn.
Sounded like a bomb dropping on us. Boom!

I think some pesky squirrels knocked it down.
We heard & saw them playing in the trees overhead, at the very tops,
where the cones grow, at least 50-feet up.
I've never seen a pine cone like this.
I hate to think what might happen if one dropped on your head.

Its sharp points tore a hole in our brand new tent, as it glanced off the side.
Could've sworn I heard the squirrels laughing afterwards, making gleeful sounds.
Several more cones dropped, but the others missed.
Learned my lesson: Don't camp under trees with these gnarly-sized pine cones.

 Photo taken: 08August2004 with a Canon G2 digital camera
Sequoia National Forest, Southern Sierra Mountains
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