[received 20nov2001]

Hi Wendy!

I was excited to find your web site. It provides a wonderful look into many
of the experiences that I will (hopefully) be encountering in the coming years.
I'm a 17-year old senior at Canyon High, in Anaheim Hills.

I'm very excited about the idea of studying Film and Television at USC.
In fact, I just finished filling out the application to the Film and Television
Production program there (you know the one).

I'm a little nervous, since admissions to the school are so competitive.
But after reading your stories, I saw that it's possible, with enough
dedication and luck, to find another way to reach my dreams, if things
don't initially work out the way I hope they will.

Thanks most of all for providing me with that! And thanks for sharing your
knowledge and experiences. Who knows .. maybe someday I'll work with
you on a project!

Thanks again, and best of luck in everything you do!

Michael Lee

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