Radified Site Usage Statistics
(monthly, not cumulative)

I no longer have much confidence in the numbers reported by this program,
because Google's AdSense is reporting ~350K page-views each month (purple),
which is almost *triple* the number reported here, and I don't even use Google's ads on all my pages.

What do you expect from a free reporting program?
I have more confidence in Google's state-of-the-art reporting software.
The main thing to glean here is that the numbers continue to grow...


Not sure how these statistics compare to other sites, but at least they're growing.
Goals for site usage is to exceed 5 million hits per months & 25,000 visits per day.

The site doesn't advertise. All traffic comes solely from
word-of-mouth (~2/3rds)
search engine queries (~1/3rd).

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