Pentium 4 Power Supply Requirements
PC P&C Support Addresses P4 Power Requirements 

Posted: 05nov2001
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PSU's for P4 motherboards require a special cable called the ATX12V, 
a 2x2 array that connects directly to the voltage regulator module 
(VRM) on the motherboard.  

If your power supply's wiring harness is lacking this cable, you can always 
purchase our P4 ATX12V Adapter for $8. It just plugs into an unused hard 
drive power connector. See here.

Make sure you use a PSU that has enough power for your P4 board. I would 
not recommend anything less than 275 watts, like this Silencer model. But 
this would only allow you to minimal P4 system, with these limitations:

If you can live within these limitations, you'll be okay with 275W. If you need 
room for extra drives, a powerful video card, or just extra "headroom", then 
consider a larger PSU. 

The Turbo-Cool 300 ATX offers an extra 2A on the +12V, but is a bit louder. 
In the long run, you'd probably be better with a Turbo-Cool 350 ATX or even 
a Silencer 400 ATX. It has the same power of a Turbo-Cool 425 ATX, without 
the noise. 

Once you enter the 400W zone, the PSUs are built even more ruggedly, and 
include a 5-year warranty. This makes the Silencer 400 ATX the best value 
in our entire line, in my opinion.

Thanks for your inquiry. I hope this helps.

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