Hardware & Software Used

.. for digital audio recording

All songs recorded at 16-bit, 48 KHz using CardDeluxe (sound card) by Digital Audio Labs
(the sound card is capable of recording at 24-bit)

Recording software: Steinberg Wavelab

Editing software: Sound Forge by Sonic Foundry

Reverb: Timeworks 4080L

Recording/editing hard drive: 18GB Seagate Cheetah (LVD SCSI)

Mixer (compact): Mackie 1202VLZ

Mic's: Two AKG C414BULS 4-pattern studio condenser mic's (rented from Mic Works in Irvine)

Monitors: Event Tria powered workstation monitors 

Headphones: Sennheiser HD-580 (open air)

CD burned for the artist using Nero Burning ROM with Plextor 8X CD-R (SCSI) burner

MP3's encoded to 128kbps, 44.1KHz using the LAME MP3 encoder

Would be nice if we had a 20-bit DAT


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