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Copyright © 2003, Rad

Buddy's new Rad-engineered, monitor-top basket.
He still feels the warmth from the monitor, but does block the cooling vents.
I have since received emails from readers who caution that a significant amount
of ELF radiation can be emitted to the sides and top of a monitor, depending on its age.
They say the front is shielded for the user, but nowhere else.

File: IMG_0036.JPG
File size: 1,303KB
Image Serial Number: 100-0036
Camera Model: Canon PowerShot G2
Firmware: Firmware Version 1.01
Owner: Rad
Date/Time: 2003.02.19 10:15:21
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
Aperture: 2.2
Exposure mode: Auto
Flash: Built-in Auto + Red eye reduction
Flash EF guide number: 5.66
Metering mode: Evaluative
Drive mode: Single frame shooting
ISO: Auto
Lens: 7.0 to 21.0 mm
Focal length: 9.0mm
Subject distance: 2.72 m
AF mode: Continuous AF
Focus point: [Center]
Image size: 2272 x 1704
Orientation: 1
Image quality: Superfine
White balance: Auto
Saturation: Normal
Sharpness: Normal
Contrast: Normal