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Message started by Rad on Mar 6th, 2008 at 6:34pm

Title: Lunarpages Account Cancelled (just in time for a full refund)
Post by Rad on Mar 6th, 2008 at 6:34pm
Today we ended the Lunarpages chapter in Radified's history.

I cancelled the web hosting account at Lunarpages today, and just in time, cuz tomorrow was the end of my 30-day refund period. I pay a year in advance (to get a better rate). The account was originally opened on Feb 6, 2006. See here:


Lunarpages allows you to cancel within 30-days of that annual renewal date .. for a full refund .. but, at first, there was a mix-up, due to them moving me around to different servers (i.e. the stabilization server), trying to say my renewal date was back in January. I thought they were trying to stiff me. But after the mix-up was identified, the refund proceded smoothly.

This email is to confirm that your hosting account (radified.com) with Lunarpages has been deleted.

The Quality Assurance Department at Lunarpages Web Hosting would like to get information regarding your recent cancellation request to ensure that while you were hosting with Lunarpages you had a positive experience. If you could provide feedback about our services and your reasons for closing the account, it would be greatly appreciated. We have implemented this process as we value your opinions and input and we hope to incorporate the feedback received in new future services.

To complete our short survey please visit https://secure.lunarpages.com/cancel

Thank you for your participation.

Kind Regards,

The Team at Lunarpages Web Hosting

Credit Issued: -95.40

Units(Cost)  Detail  Bill Period                Product Description
1    (95.40) 95.40   2008-01-06 to 2009-01-06   12 Months ($7.95/mo) Hosting - radified.com

Total Amount Due: 95.4
Settled by Charge: -95.4
Amount Due: 0.00

You can see they're using the (incorrect) January date above. The real/correct date is 2008-02-06. (Feb 6)

Adios, Lunarpages. (I know, I still need to delete their Afiiliate links.)

WiredTree, on the other hand, is strictly month-to-month. ($45)

Title: Re: Lunarpages Account Cancelled (just in time for a full refund)
Post by Rad on Mar 9th, 2008 at 6:39am
The Lunarpages affiliate link/graphic has been removed from the bottom of this page, and also from the bottom of the home page.

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