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Ghost 12 Cloning for dummies. (Read 4141 times)
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Ghost 12 Cloning for dummies.
Aug 1st, 2007 at 11:41pm
Hi there all,

Having bought a pc with vista ultimate 32bit on it,

I'd like to clone an exact hdd to another hdd of my 320GB internal c:/drive to another USB External 320GB (both are Sata and NTFS).

Having done this before on W98 & XP with a Ghost floppy to boot up and clone from an internal Kingrack back to the C drive or vice-versa, it worked like magic.

Although this new new pc has no internal removable rack, im all lost.

Ive copied my C:drive to the external with no fuss, not ticking any boxes of Advanced Options, it transfered, but when i look at the size of my drives they vary differenly to what free space they both have to each other and dont match, making me think if this really cloned ???

Restarting the pc with the Ghost Cd inside takes me back to the DOS'sy looking interface, supposed id like to clone from my external hdd back to the internal,  with or without an OS already on the internal drive, it wont allow me to clone back ?

Im trying to keep it simple but this just doesn't work for me somehow ?

Do i need to create a boot up Ghost Cd ?

Any advice appreciated

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Re: Ghost 12 Cloning for dummies.
Reply #1 - Aug 2nd, 2007 at 4:47am
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Re: Ghost 12 Cloning for dummies.
Reply #2 - Aug 5th, 2007 at 4:22pm
1. make a full drive image of your C: drive to a second drive (eg: on USB)
2. create Symantec system recovery disk (CD) - SRD
3. Install a third drive where your C: drive resides.
4. Keep the second drive connected via USB.
5. Boot from the SRD and do a full restore from the second drive to the third drive now in C:.

This works very nicely, but there is no reason continue past step #2.
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