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YaBB 2.21 Finally Released! (Read 3758 times)

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YaBB 2.21 Finally Released!
Mar 6th, 2008 at 3:53pm
YaBB 2.21 has finally been released. See here:


Lotsa stuff there for a simple point-XX release, including some new features.

Bug Fixes:
- Register button appearing after guest registers
- Missing $boarddirs and $boardurls
- Highlight and Smilies in PM live preview
- If PMs disabled, jump menu still shows jump to messages
- Color: olive showing as smiley
- $checkurl scalar in Decoder.pl
- Smilies in default template folder
- Reverse results in Member List
- Nopostorder subroutine in Subs.pl
- Error page for non-existing messages
- Flash files not working (Help section)
- Hidden media tags/urls visible through print function
- Call-back button in PM View
- Check for duplicate tab in Advanced Tabs
- Hidden e-mail not hiding in RSS feed
- Saving template configuration problem
- Special characters in RSS
- Reply in locked/moved topic
- Blank PMs in Message Center
- Error with HTML in IMs
- Add Redirectexit if open IM not found in store file
- NPH Windows Captcha fix
- Help center files not viewable to guests if guest media view not enabled
- Smilies not adding in PM reply
- IE7 copy to clipboard error in send PM
- Broadcast messages disabled/PM to Admin unreadable
- E-mail settings not saving correctly
- PMs send to powerusers only if admin selects that setting
- Show All function
- Autoreply PMs delete other PMs in user inbox
- Pages action
- Improved code for Quote function on posts
- Validation image problems on pages
- Tag problems with YaBBC
- ToChars/FromChars problem
- SetStatus.pl code problem
- Reply subject length problem
- Welcome PM problem
- Bug in live preview/smilies in PMs
- Special characters in registration names
- Bug in favorites.pl
- Banning by the Guardian when using "ass" in the keyword action password

Link Fixes:
- Droppages link properties control
- Long links in referring pages not shortening
- Showprofile link in My Center
- Wrong link in user panel

Layout/Format Fixes:
- Format fix to PM window
- Size of E-mail address for Send to a Friend
- Login field border on Board Index
- Table centering in posts with IE7/FF
- Tab separator error if PMs disabled
- Google Talk popup window format
- GuestPM field position problem
- Minor formatting in polls
- Height attribute for Recent User Posts
- Caret position in IE
- Caret position jump when using UBBC buttons
- Extra linebreak in guest language chooser
- Numerous html attribute fixes in files
- Expand, collapse, and Mark all Posts as read link for text button mode
- Language selection on Register page
- PM display on profile page if PM's disabled for users
- user CP layout problems
- User select windows for Buddy List and Member Groups
- Member list button for guest view
- Removed extra HTML form tags

Spelling, Text, and Instructions fixes:
- Added css file identifiers to 2.2 Forum and Admin css and 2.1 default.css
- Email.lng description for activation email link
- Spelling/capitalization/delete unused text in .lng files for Admin Center
- Updated Quick Guide
- Updated help files
- Missing pictures in user help files
- Div tag typo in System.pl

Feature Additions:
- Support for 10 additional fonts in posts and PMs
- New icons (online, info, login)
- Reason tag for approved registration E-mails
- Carsten's Advanced Tabs Mod
- Post Reply Textarea resize
- Reorder Post independent Member Groups
- Media Player
- Google Video (just copy the browser url to the Google Video in between the media tags)
- .flv files (just copy the url to the file in between the media tags)
- *.mp4 files (opens up Apple Quicktime player)
- *.xdiv and *.divx files (opens up windows media player, only works if codex is installed though)

While we try to fix all known bugs before a release, some are difficult to confirm or find a solution to.  Below is a list of things that are possibly still issues that will be solved by the next release.

Known Possible Issues:
- Xs in Broadcast Messages
- htaccess files – add for all directories that don’t have one
- Memberlist Sorting & Rebuild Members List
- PMs stored on second page – PMs do not always show correct storage page
- Highlight tag changes font properties
- Admin/Gmods who have stealth enabled and are subsequently demoted remain in stealth mode
- Convert improvement to Setup.pl
- BB code in user profile
- Rebuild message index doesn't load different pages
- Remove member group takes long time on large forum; split into steps
- Member Group color effects – better format of lines suggested
- Question if links regenerated for all other situations have conflict with censored words and Guardian blocked keywords
- UTF-8 support
- Search by Member hangs on large forums
- Viewing PM when replying to it
- Member groups deleting in Profile
- Forgotten passwords email link wrapping
- Broadcast Messages stored in one share file, so reading the first BM causes all of them to lose the “new” tag
- Apache Server Tokens Bug – if faked server tokens are used to fake IIS, causes 500 server error when yabb uses work-around for IIS servers
- Case-sensitive search in foreign messages
- New Year’s Day bug – On Jan 1, 2008, posts from 12/31/07 did not display as “yesterday” in bold font like it normally does
- User pre-registered error
- Registration Log
- Bug in yabb21.css file – changing color in droppages doesn’t work
- Bug in User CP & Signature – problem seems to be imstore difference in 2.1 vs. 2.2, stored messages don’t convert properly
- Long threads, next page’s first post hidden
- Reverse DNS lookup causes slow down if rDNS is looked up for an IP that does not provide it
- Javascript causes banning via the Guardian when it's between [code] tags of the message variable

I will be installing it soon. YaBB v2.2 was released 4 months ago, on Nov 8th. I have installed all the fixes that were avalable upto Jan 21, when we upgraded to v2.2, so I probably have most of them already.
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