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Apache file-extention mojo (Read 39042 times)
Nigel Bree
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Re: Apache file-extention mojo
Reply #30 - Apr 22nd, 2008 at 10:31pm
Rad wrote on Apr 22nd, 2008 at 9:00pm:
Seems hard to believe. I'll have to analyze closer on the big, 12-foot tall globe at the bank next time I stop by.

Heh. Or use Google Earth. A fun thing to do is turn on the display of sunlight and set it to spin through the day, so you get an animation which shows how the day/night and night/day transitions sweep across the globe, which is a nice way of getting a feeling for how we humans really experience night and day in different parts of the world during different seasons.

Right now, when the day-to-night transition here is passing across Auckland, the sun is also setting in Alaska. On a Mercator view of the Pacific, it's a diagonal slanted with the top on the right hand side. Not a huge tilt, since we're not that far off the equinox, but still (for extra grins, wind your computer clock to June)

The day-to-night transition is diagonal on a Mercator map too, but it runs the other way. Rotate the time slider in Google Earth, and when dawn is happening in New Zealand, it's happening in Sibera, not Alaska (and going forward to June, dawn in Japan is underway).

Do you have these new cameras at busy traffic lights there .. that take your picture? They set the yellow-light shorter in order to increase revenue.

We've had cameras since the 90's that capture people going through red lights at notorious intersections in Auckland, mainly to capture the plates.

However, basically I have four lights to go to get on the motorway from the office, and that's about it. I live a full 100km north and there is precisely one traffic light between me and home (I don't think there are any traffic lights in any of the towns in the entire Kaipara district where I live). Fun fact about Kaipara - the harbour has ~3200km of coastline. Talk about fractal geometry....

I get the Bug tomorrow AM, and this is my weekend, so I'll be playing dad 'til Sunday PM.

Heh, fair enough. Concentrate on what matters!
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