Reading Dostoevsky Biography by Joseph Frank on June 1, 2015

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Facing Palomar Mtns to the East

Here is my new book, which I treated myself to following cancer treatment.
Today is the first day of National Cancer Survivor Week.

Photo taken June 1, 2015
Shortly before sunset
San Diego county

I have already written a few pieces about Dostoevsky. Such as:
» Autumn Arrives with a Ditty on Dostoyevsky (Oct, 2011)

and » Dostoevsky, Aaron Swartz & the Broken Butterfly of Tomorrow (Jan, 2013)
and » The Day Dostoevsky Stopped Suffering (Feb 9, 2015)

and » Rad vs Hemingway on the Key Factor Behind Dostoevsky's Genius (March, 2015)
and » Joseph Frank is About the » Socio-Political & Ideological Context of Dostoevsky's Novels (March, 2015)

and » Russian Greats Weave the Eternal Golden Thread of Scripture Thru Their Timeless Novels (March, 2015)
and » Joseph Frank Transports the Reader to 19th Century Russia (March, 2015)

Can't forget my quote from Peaver's intro to Notes From Underground

Now I have a place where all of my main entries on Dostoevsky can be found.
Like a room with a view.

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