PHP Scripting Test Page


Today's date [ Saturday June 12 2021 1751 ] is generated by PHP scripting code. The text for the date, which appears within the bold brackets [], is generated by a (simple) PHP script. All PHP code begins with <?php and ends with ?>.

PHP scripts are executed by the PHP engine, running on the Radified web server (located in Kansas City). This particular script uses the code: echo gmdate("l F d Y Hi") which grabs the date based on Greenwich Mean Time (Greenwich, England).

The number of days since the beginning of the year is [ 162 ].

PHP is a recursive acronym that stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. ('Hypertext' is a fancy word that means 'web pages'.) PHP scripts are used to generate dynamic web pages.

Since PHP is a server-side scripting language (unlike JavaScript), it doesn't matter which browser you're using .. whether it's the newest version of Internet Explorer, or an ancient version of Nutscrape.

PHP allows web authors is get around the problems associated with different people using different browsers, which support different features. Long as PHP supports the features I want to use, I don't have to worry that your old browser won't be able to display the information correctly (or, at all).

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