Radified Recording & Editing Behemoth
a system designed to record audio & edit video

Posted: 16apr2001

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If you prefer to bypass the Intro to this section (this page), and go straight to the 
Behemoth, it's ->

You can do things with a PC today that would've cost a fortune only a few years 
ago. Audio-recording & video-editing are two such applications.

On the next page, I've designed a system to record audio & edit video (at the 
pro-sumer level), affording a level of creativity never before seen at such an 
accessible price point. This system is based on considerable personal research, 
but mostly first-hand experience.

When I first delved into video-editing, a few years ago, there was little help around.
Most of my lessons were learned the hard way. 

The potential for quirky compatibility problems grows with the number of things you 
attempt. Each program & piece of hardware you add to your system, increases the 
chance of generating quirky compatibility issues. That's why I recommend a dual- 
or multi-boot configuration .. so that no single operating system will have to do 

I suggest using one boot (OS) solely for audio & video needs, and another for all other 
normal PC-related functions (web-surfing, email, document prep, etc.). 
This minimizes the potential for quirky compatibility issues.

Since the centerpiece of this system, the Matrox RT2000 video-editing card, does not 
yet have. Win2K support, we use WinME (solely) for our recording & editing needs, and 
Win2K for
everything else. It seems to work well this way.

When the RT2000 finally has Win2K support (soon), I'll explore setting up a dedicated 
Win2K boot for editing.

The system is -> HERE