Didn't snap this photo myself. It's from a book. But gives you a better perspective of what it's like to climb HalfDome. You are now at the same elevation from which you begin (~4000'). The trail head lies about a mile to your right. 

You hike up the back side of HalfDome, then make the final ascent to the top from the side to your left. The surge to the summit is via cables, and takes you to 8842' .. in other words, about a mile of pure vertical.! (can you say huff or puff?) 

Climbing HalfDome is one of the coolest things I've ever done .. actually, the correct word is hiking .. cuz we don't climb the face (which some people do). It was so cool the first time that we returned the very next year .. for the 2nd annual HalfDome climb .. taking more friends with us. 

There's a saying -> you meet the nicest people in the mountains. It's true. Maybe it has to do with the spiritual feeling you get from spending time in nature, climbing toward heaven. 

I have a few more photos from the book, for perspective, then on to the trek to the top. 

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