Hike to the Top of Half Dome
A Life-Changing Experience in Yosemite National Park 

Hike to the top of Half Dome - a life-changing experience.

August 12th - 2nd annual Half Dome hike/climb
17-mile round trip - 4880 feet vertical climb

Up at 4:30. Leave campsite by 5. On the trailhead by 6:30. Hang out at top ~2 hours. Back by sunset
Buy a t-shirt that says I MADE IT TO THE TOP, & eat like horse at all-u-can-eat salad bar

Next day: Eat Advil like candy & try to walk w/out bending legs much
Say, ooh & aah a lot

After you recuperate, you feel incredibly strong, almost invincible.

Half Dome rocks! Can hardly sleep night before
See HERE for an Intro to the Yosemite vacation

It's true that I was last to the top, 
but only cuz I wanted to make sure everyone first made it up safely =)

A 7-minute broadband streaming video of this trip is available
If you have a dial-up connection, you'll first need to download the file (Real video, 12MB).

Does not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice?
She stands in the top of high places ..

- Proverbs 8: 1,2

Enjoy the journey!

Half Dome 

2. Above the clouds

3. Book cover

4. Late autumn

5. Half Dome 2

6. On the trail at Vernal

7. Vernal Falls 2

8. You will die

9. Nevada Falls

10. First glimpse

11. Closer glimpse

Joe & Wendy

13. Joe & Wendy 2

14. Cables 1

15. Line of ants

16. Gang at the cables

17. Cables 3

18. Cables 4

19. Gloves

20. Crew at the top

21. Crew at the top 2

22. Close to the edge

23. J&W at the top

24. J&W at the top 2

25. Jahmar & Brendan

26. Lani, Joe & rocks

27. Chillin' at the top

28. Jahmar & Wendy at top

29. Evan, Lani & rocks

30. Wendy peeing

31. Joe & Jahmar 

32. Favorite

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