The boys - Jahmar & Brenden. They were 1st to top. They left us old fogies in the dust. Jahmar was 1st. Brendan on his heels. Must be nice to be 17. =) 

They call it 'charging' Next time we're gonna use stopwatches to time how long it takes to get to the top. I think the boys made it to the top ~11, Lani & Evan were ~45 mins behind them (Evan waited for Lani, he wants everybody to know), & we were 45-mins behind Lani & Evan (but we had long wait on the cables cuz of the guy that freaked out at the top). The kids left us in the dust on the way down too. 

Wendy & I  climbed hard this year. Last year, I had food-poisoning (or something like it) two days before the climb. Couldn't get out of bed all day. But woke feeling (surprisingly) good next morning. Climbed Half Dome following day - altho, sloowly - made Wendy mad. Said I was 'breaking her rhythm'. This year I kicked ass - w/ my herbal go-fast & peanut butter CliffBars. New Teva hiking boots, and Clarks sandlas. Wore sandals on easy parts of way down, cuz of two nice blisters from backpacking

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