The gang at the top of Quarter Dome. The cables behind us take you to the top. Looks like a traffic jam there now. We're all smiling, cuz we've already been to the top - but you still have to do the cables. =D 

This was Brendan's & Evan's first Half Dome climb. For the rest of us, it was our 2nd. Never ceases to surprise me - how many people make the climb, considering how gnarly it is. On our way up, we got stuck on the cables cuz there was some guy at the top panic-stricken. He wouldn't move. Wendy got tired of waiting and wanted somebody to drag him out of the way.

For some (like me), the climb *up* is gnarlier, cuz it's more physically exhausting. But for others (like that guy), the climb *down* is the worst part, cuz you're *looking* down on the way down (looking up on the way up). 

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