Getting somewhere now. Won't be long until we hit Quarter Dome. This is also a good pic showcasing how steep the final climb will be. You've already been climbing about 4 or 5 hours - another hour or two to go. 

This is the tree line - 7500-ft elev I'm guessing. The top of Half Dome is 8842. The views from here - to your left & right are simply sublime. 

We took these pix on the way down, cuz if you stop to take pix on the way up, you'll never get there. There are so many kodac moments. This also why we look happy - cuz we already been to the top - but I put the pix together so that you get an idea of what you see on the way up. 

The reason you don't see the kids in any of these pix is cuz they're ahead of us. Jahmar & Brendan, with their 17-yr-old legs, blasted to the top. Jahmar got to the first, with Brendan on his heels. Evan wanted to charge ahead with the boys, but waited for Lani, who wanted to go a slower pace. [smart boy, that Evan =D ]. Evan & Lani were next  

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