Rad Linkage
A Collection of Links

Electronic Frontier Foundation (Defending Digital Freedoms)
DV camcorders
(Reviews of popular models)

PriceWatch (Be a good capitalist & compare prices)
Highend 3D Forums (Got 3D modeling questions?)

Luminous Landscape (Photography tips)
Digital camera reviews
(From DPReview)

Top 100 films (AFI's list of America's favorites)
Top 100 novels (Of all time)

Tech Bargains (Norm saves you money)
How to become a hacker (Not a cracker)

Media piracy (Nicky discusses DVDs & CSS)
Internet security (Steve probes your ports)

Hushmail (Free Secure email)
Ziplip (Free secure email)

Google Toolbar (Search from your browser)
Download.com (Downloads galore)

Home Recording (The Musician's Guide)
PCAVtech (Sound card comparison)

How search engines work (from Fravia)
Fravia's search tips (tricks from the master)

Internet Security (List of links on the subject)
PBASE (Post your photos online)

Mandrake (Easiest Linux distro to get running)
Monkey's Audio (lossless audio compression)

Linux Install Guide (Compliments of The Inquirer)
JustLinux (Get answers to your Linux questions)

Bandwidth speed test (Test your connection)
PracticallyNetworked (Set up a home network)

DSL Reports (The place for broadband)
SpeedGuide (The broadband source)

Shoutcast (Internet music)
DigitallyImported Radio (Streaming music)

Link United (Impressive collection of links)
Broomeman (Donny's PC support-related links)

2-pop (Digital filmmaker's resource site)
How computers work (Wonder no more)

Streaming video (How does it work?)
NLE software (Video-editing apps compared)

The Fray (Personal expression on the web)
Solaris 9 (Free OS download from Sun) 

US atomic time (Accurate time for US residents) 
Language translator
(from Google) 

Relativity (Einstein's theory made simple)
The Internet Age (Bill Gates discusses the Net)

I've Been to the Mtntop (MLK Jr's last speech)
Golden Verses (Ancient teachings from Pythagoras)

Anonymizer (Surf anonymously)
CSS descramblers (computer code = free speech?)

Doom9 (Back-up your DVDs)
Divx-digest (Encode video & movies)

New Egg (Good place to buy PC parts online)
Dictionary (What does that word mean?)

Opera (World's fastest browser)
Communitech (My web-hosting provider)

TMPGEnc (World's best MPEG encoder is free)
Virtual Dub (Capture & edit video free)

Word of the Day (Learn a new word every day)
ID3.org (Learn about ID3 tags)

Security-enhanced Linux (from the NSA)
Motherboard Monitor (Alex's monitoring program)

PC Pirates (Gamespot discusses warez)
GameCopyWorld (Back-up your games)

CD Media World (All things CDs)
Diceware (How to create a secure passphrase)

SmoothJazz (Streaming Jazz from Monterey)
Info Packets (Windows help + video tutorials)

Useit (Web usability tips from Dr. Jakob)
(View your house from satellite)

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