Reader Mail
Received: 11nov2001 (Veterans Day)

 Dear Rad, 

 I read your comments regarding flying the flag today in honour of US 
 veterans of war. 

 It would be nice if you paid the same tribute to those killed by terrorists
 in Northern Ireland and England. However, it appears you would rather 
 give your support to IRA terrorists by supporting the recent article by 
 'the Dog' on the Irish Republican Army. 

 From the comments in the Dog's article I can only assume he supports 
 the IRA and their murderous activities. 

 I also expect that he is a member of the Roman Catholic Church. 

 With Americans unfortunately experiencing terrorism first hand, I hope 
 they will now stop supporting terrorist activities in other countries. 

 Possibly 'the dog' will take his next summer vacation in Afghanistan, 
 and write an article justifying the atrocities that have recently visited 
 the United States. I am confident that you will publish a link to this 
 article also. 

 Yours disgusted.
 <name withheld>

 The origin of this email was traced to Southwark, [
 The Dog's article on the Irish Republican Army can be found

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