At age 74, Sidney Hatchl of Santa Ana, California, is the World's Oldest Overclocker. He's seen here at the Award's ceremony for new inductees to the Guinness Book of World Records, where he was honored with the title World's Oldest Overclocker

In a field typically dominated the young, Mr. Hatchl built a computer for himself .. from scratch .. piece by piece. Unwilling to pay any more than he had too, Mr. Hatchl designed a system, featuring a 700MHz Intel Pentium3 processor (cB0 stepping), overclocked to 938MHz (34% overclock). By increasing CPU voltage to 1.75v (default = 1.65v) on a CUSL2 motherboard, made by the Taiwanese manufacturing company, Asus. With the money he saved on the CPU, Mr. Hatchl was able to take his lovely wife, Nancy, on a weekend getaway to Palm Springs (which is why he's smiling). 

The team at Guinness verified successful overclocking by running system stability tests with Prime95 for 24 hours. Maximum recorded CPU temperature, as measured by Motherboard Monitor, was 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Mr. Hatchl says he learned about overclocking from the site, and studied the Radified User's guide to the CUSL2 before building and overclocking his first system. In his acceptance speech at Guinness, he's quoted as saying, "Rad rulez. I couldn't have done it without him." He prefers hard drives by IBM, and rev2 RAM from Mushkin. "I love black PCB," he's quoted as saying. He also found the site very helpful .. especially their user forums

You might recognize Sidney on the freeways of Southern California. He's the one with the bumper sticker that says, Overclockers get more from their equipment .. to which Mrs. Hatchl responds with a hearty, "Amen to that, you overclocking stud." =D Mr. Hatchl plans to tour the US & Europe, giving seminars on overclocking to technically challenged youth. 

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