A Sample of Accolades from the Radified Mailbox

  • Yes indeed, there are first time builders using your [CUSL2] guide. Musta read it at least a dozen times before buying the mobo (bedtime, john, snackin' in front of the tube). Also bought a P3-733, Asus 7100, 128MB stick of PC133 .. and went to town! 

    Except for a sound card problem (like a lot of people) that's now solved, it's perfect! Appreciate your time and effort you've put forth to share what you've learned with us newbies. 
    Thanks, BR

  • Hey Rad, I just read your SCSI guide, and was shocked. I finally found a level-headed SCSI user that can debate the points without getting all bent out of shape.

  • Rad, Just want to say thanks. You have one of the most useful sites I've ever seen. It ranks right up there with Windrivers and Pricewatch. 

    I recently used your Ghost guide to test the program for the company I work for. I've since mastered partition cloning and image transfer over both our LAN and via direct cable crossover. Our 'hi-importance' units are now safe thanks to your help.

  • Rad, Your site rocks! What a refreshing change from all the mealy mouthed tech sites. You need to put up some banners so we can click and support you.

  • Rad, Truly outstanding. Your Digital Warrior guide is a real eye-opener. I'm a computer instructor in an elementary school. Let me assure you that, even as I write, a committee is convening somewhere in one of our 50 states, trying to determine the computing skill set required for today's student to be successful tomorrow. They could save a lot of time by reading your guide.

    I just spent an entire day creating a few simple pages on my site, so I have some understanding of what you've done here. Do me a favor: go to amazon.com & create a 'wish list' of gifts that you'd like to receive. I promise I'll buy one item for you. Your efforts deserve tangible appreciation.

  • Good site, good links, straight talk. I like your ideas on partitioning. Very nice.

  • You guys are the best. I found your website earlier this year through a search with Google. I have been truly touched and motivated by the information you make available about USC Film school and your personal experiences. 

    I cant wait to finish my undergraduate degree so I can apply for Film school. Thank you both for your time. The information you post is greatly appreciated. Without your website I would have never been able to experience and get an idea of what film school at USC is like. 
    Thanks again.
    Los Angeles

  • You have an amazing ability to educate people in simple terms, so people like me can finally understand computer jargon.  I'm so glad I found your site.
    Las Vegas

  • Been checking your site now for a couple of months. I initially stumbled across it whilst researching DV capture and liked it so much that I've made it my home page! Love the informal and friendly attitude to digital toys. The new CSS pages look great.
    Colchester, Essex, UK

  • Rad, I gotta tell ya, your site is on my short list: I check it every day. Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes,
    San Mateo, Ca.

  • Thanks for the clarification and posting your SCSI guide. I learned a few things, despite 3 years of SCSI experience.

  • Nice site. I especially like the way you say when you're not sure about something. It's such a refreshing change from the know-it-all mentality that pervades so many tech sites.

  • Hey Rad, I just bought and installed a 9GB Quantum Atlas 10K II drive & an Adaptec 29160 card. Installed everything & Win2K without a hitch. The system really sings. Thanks most of all for the inspiration. I love your site. (BTW, I used to live in Redondo Beach, '85 - 88.)

  • Excellent! Enjoyed your brown bag approach to using Ghost. Thanks for the comprehensive guide.

  • Rad, A quick note to say thanks for the great motherboard user's guide. I've been all over the net looking for some help with my CUSL2 and a new Quantum Fireball+ that I'm trying to install. I still need to reread your guide to get this problem sorted out, but so far, all the other info has been fantastic.
    Thanks again,

  • Rad, I downloaded and read your SCSI guide today. I found it interesting and useful. I use SCSI for my burner (Plextor), but not my hard drives. I'm now re-thinking my hard drive situation and considering SCSI for my next system - the Northwood P4. Keep up the good work. You have an interesting site.

  • Nice job on the [Ghost] guide. It was easy to follow, and I was still awake at the end. Keep up the great work.

  • Terrific site you've got. I found it looking info about EAC. It read as my own digital history. In other words, it's what I already know, but written down in an informative way. I now recommend your site to those who come to me for advice.
    The Netherlands
  • Rad, Thx for the CUSL2 guide. It was indispensable in setting up my system. Feel free to use any/all of my message for your guide. Anything I can do to help the next CUSL2 adopter is fine by me. 
    North Hollywood

  • I like what you're doing. I just read your SCSI guide. Now you got me thinking about a SCSI boot drive. I have a friend who wants me to help him put together a video-editing system .. and you had that too! Deja vu, all over again. I gotta go lie down. =)
  • Rad, Thanks for the guide you wrote about the CUSL2. I read it several times before deciding to buy. It's refreshing to see a real-life review by someone who actually owns the board for once.

  • Rad, Love your site - especially the Yosemite pictures. I plan to hike up Half Dome later this year on vacation. Gotta conquer that mountain before I hit 30!
  • Rad, Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!! I only discovered your site a few months ago, but visiting Radified is now a daily ritual. Your site has helped me so much! Keep up the great work. And best of luck to Wendy as a filmmaker.
  • Hey Rad,
    Just want to say thanks for providing an awesome CUSL2 users guide. I just installed my board last night. It was the easiest motherboard I've ever installed.
  • Hey Rad, Just a note to let you know my new mobo arrived. BIOS flashed successfully this time. With the help of your guide and guys at the asusboards.com, my 'puter is up and running perfectly. Still waiting for the SCSI card to arrive. That'll finish it for me. Lovin' it.
    Thanks again,

  • Rad, I read your article on the CUSL2 and thought it kicked ass. In fact, that's the reason why I read your Ghost guide. It too is very comprehensive, yet simple. And I like the way you're quick to note when you're not sure of something. Thanks for the help.
  • Rad, You da man! Thanks so much for the article. Being a small startup company, we're always looking for a few good men. Perhaps someday we could do business.
  • I read all six of your CUSL2 pages on installing a CUSL2 motherboard. Last weekend I built my first computer. Everything seems to be working fine. Just want to say thanks.
  • Rad, You saved my ass! Wish I had money to send you for writing this tutorial, but all I can send is my thanks. Everything worked just the way you said it would. Can't believe how fast Ghost restored a 1-Gig image - Vrrroommm!
  • Rad, U run the coolest site. Well done. I first came upon it while searching for help with Ghost, and found it A1+. I now log on every day to check on the family .. well, that's the way it feels to me. Almost every night at dinner I have a little story to tell my wife about something I found in a corner of your site.  Loved the photo-tour of your vacation! Great work, many thanks.  
    South Australia (Southern California weather)
  • That's one well-written article [Ghost guide]. It was truly a pleasure to read. In fact, I just sent the link to my editor.
  • You're running a great site. Your Ghost guide is a great resource on imaging. I keep the guide printed out in a binder IN FRONT OF the user's guide, since yours more useful. =)
    San Diego

  • I lead the testing for Audio, Video & Streaming applications here in the Windows group. I checked out your site & was impressed. If you find any bugs in Windows XP with any of your AVS applications, please email me.
    Redmond, Washington

  • I located your web site, which I can best describe as fantastic .. very helpful & informative. No wonder Microsoft contacts you.
    Baton Rouge, LA

  • Just a quick note to say that you have a great site. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Thanks for a cool site. It's not often you can learn something important and relevant in the space of ten minutes that you weren't aware of before, but it happened for me here!! [Upgrade guide]

  • Just a quick note to let you know I read your excellent "Guide to SCSI - boot from a beast". Today I installed Win2K on an 18-gig, 10Krpm, IBM beast, with a Tekram DC390-U2W adapter. Installation was nearly painless. Thanks for posting it! BTW - You were right, SCSI is cool!
  • The Internet is great. I found your article just as I am moving to a used IBM Intellistation PII-350 with dual-channel onboard UW SCSI. Congratulations on a well-written article. Focused but very even-toned.
    Thanks, JN

  • I enjoy checking out your site from time to time. I first found it while searching for info on the Intel 815E chipset. You strike me as a non-computer guy who invested a great amount of time and effort and learned plenty in your CUSL2 build experience. .. I envy you and your family. Your lifestyle sounds most interesting. 

    I felt compelled to write a short note and thank you for posting your experiences with computers and your family film ventures, and urge you to continue.
    Ft. Worth, Texas
  • Rad, You are the King Of All Hard Drives! That was an excellent read. [SCSI]
  • Wendy, After having spent several hours on your site, I just had to drop you a quick thank-you note. I am starting classes at USC grad Film school in January. I feel like I've gotten a tremendous head start just by reading your story. 

    Please feel free to contact me if you (or someone you know) needs any PA help on projects this semester. I am a former web developer who is enjoying several months "retirement" before starting classes next year. I live in Los Angeles and would welcome the chance to get a head start on my education. I look forward to eventually meeting you.
    Los Angeles
  • Thanks for the great site. You have a real gift for presenting complicated, technical info in a way that is easily understood.

  • This thing [Cheetah X15] is blazing- fast. You were correct in your guide. The upgrade to SCSI is much more noticeable than a faster CPU. I try telling people that when they're thinking about a new HDD. But most don't want to spend the cash. I felt that way too for a long time, but now I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner.
  • Very nice! You nailed the pro's & cons of SCSI vs IDE .. something I've been trying to do for ... ever! Been running SCSI for almost 10 years, and finally built my first IDE rig.  When it comes to certain things, SCSI beats IDE hands down. Others - like price - IDE is hard to beat. Best thing was when you said how people who diss SCSI the worst usually have never used it. Thx for giving me a place to send unbelievers.
  • I'd like to thank you for your 'little' [CUSL2] project. It's been most helpful.
  • The entrance to your site is a joy. Not only does it bring back fond memories of The Matrix, but your aphorisms about creativity are what the world needs. Also, your Ghost online assistance pages are extremely well put together.
  • Are you using any search engine strategies, or paying for search results? I'm interested, cuz the phrase "norton ghost" ranks #3 on Google, which is very high for a web page that was introduced only recently.
  • Rad, I just read your great article on the CUSL2 motherboard. Thanks for the excellent pages.
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Rad, A quick note to say that I loved your Boot from a SCSI beast article. Good read, great info.
  • Can't believe the luck I had finding your site. Just bought a CUSL2 yesterday, along with a P3-800. Your guide will no doubt come in handy the next few days. I can tell already that it will save me many a headache. I'm leaving tomorrow to spend a few days in the mtns. 

    I printed your guide and will take with me, so I can jump right in when I return. Rebuilding a 2-yr old system, based on a P2B-S with P2-450. Was also surprised to see you're using the CardDeluxe. The one by Digital Audio Labs? .. that was featured in Stereophile last month?

Thanks for the encouragement.
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