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CanadaComputes The Radified Guide to Ripping & Encoding Audio is another excellent site. Actually, it's more like a single long page, with tons of embedded links. Essentially, Radified tells you just about everything you need to know to rip songs from your CDs and encode them in MP3 or other compressed file formats. It's concise and friendly .. definitely a good place to start. [Linkage]
Google Groups Here's a great site about how to make MP3s that will almost please everybody. 7 pages of brilliance. [Linkage]
University of Alaska - Fairbanks Syllabus  - CIOS 210 – Summer 2001
Hardware and Software Configuration/ Troubleshooting
(scroll down to Class 6 - listed under Stuff)
Fdisk in detail: Doc's Über FDISK Guide
VirtualDr support forum Here's a good (the best I've found) guide to using ghost HERE
.. it will tell u all u need 2 know.
Speedguide forum Using this link was the first time i really understood how to fdisk. Read as much as you can, to make you do it right the first time. - [Linkage]
Ars Technica Hardware forum This guy has me convinced! [Linkage]
CDROM-Guide Norton Ghost from Radified - Complete Tutorial - Excellent
Ripping & Encoding from Radified - Contains info on Using the Lame Command Line - Very Good
Dell Inspiron support I would recommend that you go to this site, Here, you can download a copy of the procedures you will need to follow to wipe out your hard drive, reformat, and partition your hard drive. I would print the procedures out so that you can follow along if you feel uncomfortable. [Linkage]
Windows Utilities The Complete Guide to Norton GHOST [Linkage]
The Coaster Factory A good Ghost tutorial can be found at [Linkage]
Help from techs Software forum I came across this link at another site and thought it might be of use to you. It has some great, detailed info about Ghost. The language is clear and easy to read and the author offers personal comments about his experiences with the programme. [Linkage]
Monkey's Audio Links Radified Guide: a guide about ripping and encoding [Linkage]
AsusBoards forum Some good information here: [Linkage]
Burner Tutorials Norton Ghost from Radified - Complete Tutorial [Linkage]
Motherboard Monitor CPU temps If, after you read this, you feel you need to do something about your CPU temperature, why not check out many of the newsgroups, or give Radified a try. [Linkage]
Anandtech OS forum here's the best non-Symantec guide to ghost I've read. I'll bet it will answer every question you'd had re ghost, and probably a few you haven't thought of yet [Linkage]
Planet Z Tips & Tricks forum For ASUS CUSL2 users, check this useful webpage. [Linkage]
Motherboard Monitor Affiliates [Linkage]
Bjorn3d If you want a detailed beginner's description of how to do this process, check out Rad Boy's Ghost Help Pages here. [Linkage]
HardOCP For Sale forum Here is a great guide about SCSI. It tells you about the SCSI interface, pros & cons, how it's different from IDE, all in simple to read talk. [Linkage]
The Coaster Factory Norton Ghost Tutorial (by Radified) [Linkage]
Burial Grounds forum For a nice little guide see - Radified Guide to Ghost [Linkage]
AboutYosemite Photos of Yosemite, Aug. 2000 [Linkage]
ZDNet AnchorDesk Here's a nice Ghost Tutorial on the subject. [Linkage]
House of Help forum Check out for an in depth discussion on Ghost options and procedures. [Linkage] Radified - Guide to Norton Ghost on creating and restoring images  [Linkage]
VirtualDr support forum I use Ghost myself, Couldn't do without it. IMHO everyone should use it. Check HERE for all u need to know about Ghost .. a lot of reading but once u've mastered it, it'll take less than a minute to give the program the instructions it needs.

Thanks guys, i went to the link and they helped a lot. Made more sense than the book. I successfully imaged my c: drive to my e: and cause I wanted to test it, I deleted Windows, then rebooted and cant get into Windows. So I reboot again to ghost and restore the image. It worked!!! Yipeee!
SoundProofed You can find an excellent tutorial on using Ghost here. [Linkage]
DiscHelp More info on ASPI layers is at the Radified website. [Linkage]
Broomeman Support Guide to Ripping & Encoding
Guide to Using Ghost
 Tech Zone Forums  A Great guide to Partitioning can be found here . It contains almost every aspect to partitioning you could ask for. [Linkage]
McVickar Computer Consultant (4.27.2001) A Ghost of a Chance - A great write up on Norton Ghost [Linkage]
The Outer Limits CUSL2 FAQ [Linkage]
Napigator  This site was recommended on one of the newsgroups. It has 7 pages of the most comprehensive info on ripping that I've seen. It's written so it is easily understood. I've saved all 7 pages in my docs for reference. [Linkage] Info on Razorlame and how to set it up [Linkage]
Ars Technica You should read this guide, following it should guarantee that you use ghost correctly

Thanks for the tip! That looks like a TERRIFIC guide to using Ghost!
Archos 6000 Jukebox The one and only guide on the best was to rip and encode your own CDs.  [Linkage]  No es eso lo que promete el creador de esta página (en inglés).
pero si que proporciona una muy buena guía para rippear de un CD y crear tus mp3 con la máxima calidad posible y siempre con programas freeware: el EAC
Vamos, que no tiene desperdidicio la guía ésta.
Link United Info & Tool Radified [Linkage]
Net Knowledge Base Should be enough for all your needs towards Ghost. 
Excellent links. 
Pulsar Tips & Tricks For ASUS CUSL2 users, check this useful webpage. [Linkage] Computers : Performance & Capacity : Benchmarking
Radified - Sample benchmarks and links to benchmarking programs
Ars Technica
excellent guide
Via hardware forum For a really good answer to your question you should definitely read through all of: Radified SCSI Guide
The depth and simplicity of this article should go a long way in helping you decide if SCSI is for you.
Eksperten Sider med guider  [Linkage]
Moorehead State University Research the FDISK and FORMAT DOS command flags needed to low level format a hard-drive with a single primary DOS partition. Document your findings in your write up. Tip: [Linkage]
Misc Useful URLs & Links Radified Guide to Norton Ghost - Creating & Restoring Images [Linkage]
Software / Utilities For those who have heard of, but are unfamiliar with, this excellent backup/image restorer program, this is a great site to learn about it. In my opinion, Norton Ghost should be on every hardcore tweaker's list of must-have utilities. It has saved my butt numerous times. [Linkage]
Pasco Scientific Tech Note 269 Details - The Science Workshop interface does not communicate directly with the SCSI card, but rather via a software abstraction layer called the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. [Linkage]
Google Web Directory / Backup Radified Guide to Norton Ghost on creating & restoring images [Linkage]
Bookmarks Radified guide to ripping & encoding audio to MP3s  [Linkage]
Queensland Gamers League INCASE YOU ARE REALLY USELESS HERE YA GO [Linkage]
Clone CD Forums  You may find some info about aspi.exe here [Linkage]
Clone CD Forums Go here and it will explain it all and tell you what you need and where to get it. [Linkage]
Elitehackers Warez General: [Linkage]
Elitehackers Warez New to the warez scene? Not sure what a lot of the software people are talking about does? A bit confused as to what to do with those iso, bin and cue files you just downloaded? Here's a handy little reference for you: [Linkage]
MauiSun try force aspi from here [Linkage]
Google Web Directory - SCSI Radified: Computer-related tutorials written by a real-life user, based on first-hand experience with SCSI [Linkage]
Google Web Directory - Technical Information Radified - Strategies for partitioning a hard drive [Linkage]
Happy Hippie's Links Page
  • Norton Ghost Guide -- Ghost your image today!
  • Aspi Guide -- Everything you need to know about aspi
  • [Linkage]
    Help From Techs Support this is an excellent site with plain language for those wishing to learn about it.  [Linkage] Computer : Hardware : SCSI : SCSI Technical Information 
    Radified - Computer-related tutorials written by a real-life user, based on first-hand experience with SCSI.
    [Linkage] I think this guide should help:
    One more problem solved, thanks to you. I checked that link and burned a copy of program in 9 min. I'm happy. Great people here.
    [Linkage] The best step by step fdisk Tutorial [Linkage]
    Hardware Upgrade Forum Molto probabilmente non hai gli ASPI drivers Ciao [Linkage] If you decide on Ghost, there is some online help that is a lot easier to understand than the official manual. is a good place to start. [Linkage]
    64bits Det kan vara avsaknad av/felaktiga ASPI-drivare - testa ForceASPI:
    Planet3DNow Discussions <HD TACH, ATTO & (natürlich) SiSoft Sandra
    AV Science Forum I recently discovered an excellent website providing well written guides for what you want. Especially check out: Radified Guide to Hard Drive Partitioning Strategies
    Backup with Norton Ghost. These guides provide many links for further information.
    Computer-Help [Linkage] ASPI information for those interested can be found at the following link:
    This page also has plenty of links for further information and downloads.
    [Linkage] Here's a pretty good TUT!
    Daemon Domain Using Norton Ghost [Linkage] Hier nog een handleiding:
    TechIMO ForceASPI download links can be found here:
    Behindxtreme Go to here and you will know how to create high quality mp3 ---> [Linkage] an aspi layer? Yep XP like 2000, does not have it built in.
    Check out this site.
    RailsOnly to fix burning
    this will give u all the info on what u need to get your burner to work.
    Les liens underground de Y@plukon Guide to best software [Linkage]
    VirtualDr There is some very good info here...
    The 'radified' link is the one that gave me the courage to use Ghost in the first place ... excellent article!
    Zittware CDM32 Reqs Absolute Best page I've seen. Hope it stays up. [Linkage]
    Ars Technica Software Colloqium WTF is ASPI???
    Read this:
     Ars Technica NT & Win200 mojo Here is a decent guide, i recommend you read it.
    [H]ard Mainboard Forum If you've never tried Ghost you really need to learn more. Check out Radified's Guide to Norton Ghost [Linkage]
     DSL Reports Software I really like Ghost. You can read these guides to see what it's like. And you'll see how to restore. » [Linkage]
    DTechIMO Forums Microsoft cooked up a warped ASPI interface for Win2K and ME that usually leads to nothing but probs as most 3rd party software doesn't even support it.
    ForceASPI download links can be found here: 
    Fireburner On you will find a solution for your aspi32.ddl driver problem. [Linkage]

    Radified Home]