Joe & Jahmar, whitewater rafting on the Tuolumne River

Photo #5/17 - Tuolumne river - just south of Yosemite. We chartered with
Ahwahnee Whitewater Tours, on a two-day trip - before heading to Yosemite. One of the few rivers in California rated Natural & Scenic, which means the water is cleaner cuz not just anybody can go down the river, & you have to clean up when leaving - outhouse poopies & all. Fortunately, the river guides do the dirty work. 

We met at a Deli at 8AM, had brecky, & then they bussed us to the put in point via a treacherous, dirt road with big potholes, with a precipitious drop-off at the edge of the road. If the bus-driver gets distracted for a sec -> hasta la vista, baby. We spied an old, rusty bus at the bottom at one point near a hair-pin turn. When questioned about it, the guides & bus driver makes jokes about it.=) 

About 4PM on the 1st day of rafting some killer rapids, we pull over to where the Clavey river intersects the Tuolumne. The Clavey is warm, compared to the Tuolumne, which is a bottom-release river, from a dam. The guides magically turn into chefs and make a scrumptious dinner - with champagne & everything. 

Adjacent to where you set up camp is a Class-5 rapid - the biggest of the entire trip. It roars. We sat on a rock jutting out over the rapid & just listen to the roar. Kayakers showed up & ran the rapid. Gnarly. Wendy put together a 3-min movie from when we stayed/camped at the Clavey. Good movie, named 1Clavey99. Linkage. Need RealPlayer, version 6 or newer. Need Cable or DSL to stream. Also a link to download for those on dial-up. 

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