Campsite at Yosemite Creek campground, Yosemite National Park

Photo #9/17 - Same campsite. Climbed the rocks to snap the shot. Must be late in the day cuz I can see the wood piled up in the fire pit, & there's still plenty to burn in the adjacent stack. 

To the left of center, mostly behind the green tress, you can see parts the rock bridge/dam we built to cross the creek. That took a few hours & several Advil that night. =) 

Wendy & I had the yellow tent, barely visible behind trees near top. Kids had the brown/blue one. 

About an hour before sunset, Jahmar & I'd head out in the car & fill the trunk with lotsa dry firewood from fallen trees. Would light the fire at last possible moment, so the whole campsite would light up. Reflections of the fire bounced off the water and dance on the rocks on the other side. 

Based camp here for 10 days. People would come by, asking when we were leaving - sad that we were staying so long. One lady cried how her kids learned to swim at the swimming hole at this campsite - like that was gonna somehow convince us that we should pack up & give her the site. We told them to come use it we were gone on some day trips to the valley, hiking or whatever. They arrived after us & left b4 us, so they didn't get to actually stay here. 

The day we left, we returned from a night at the Ahwahnee hotel. 

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