Laguna Beach Eateries

Sorrento Grille - My personal favorite. They make the best Martini in Laguna. The best filet mignon I've ever had was at Sorrento's. Never had a single bite there that wasn't superb. It's the place to go when dinner must be good. They don't have bad days at Sorrento's. We prefer to eat upstairs, but that's not always possible. Sorrento's is across the street from the Laguna Beach library. 

Five Feet - artsy Chinese cuisine, 1/2 block north of Sorrento Grille. The only restaurant of its kind. Not sure how they got the name.

Zinc Cafe - for breakfast & lunch. Healthy cuisine. Outdoor cafe. A place for where locals congregate and socialize. Open early, close early. All my East Coast friends love the Zinc Cafe. Small, round tables are made of Zinc. They add a special touch to everything. Good (Diedrich's) coffee/latte's. We eat here more than any other place.

Hapi Sushi - say Hi to Sato (owner) for us. Abusing the customer is his specialty. It means he likes you. Our favorites are the #69, #79, #99, #96, the mushroom special & albacore sashimi. Nobody plays the music that Sato does. We eat there enough that he know what we want, even when we forget. 

Cedar Creek Inn - especially on nights when Paula is singing. If you like Diane Schurr or Diana Krall, you'll love Paula. Paula croons on the piano. Seared (rare) ahi burger is our favorite. It comes with a Caesar salad. Both indoor & outdoor seating. Across from the police station. 

Taco Loco - a Laguna experience, on PCH, south side of town. Their mushroom-tofu burger is a hit with the locals. Go heavy on the guac/salsa. Their red sauce is the secret. 

Picayo - the halibut is their signature dish - to die for. Small, artsy. Expensive. Sure to impress. The owner comes around with little treats that the chef whips up in his spare time - asking if you'd like to try something new. Never refuse. 

Dizz's As Is - I'll leave this a surprise. Wendy's favorite. They don't advertise, no reservations (unless you know the secret). Always a wait. We dined here New Year's Eve Y2K. Our waiter came out & played happy birthday on the trumpet (for Jan). Like eating at a good friend's house. Away from the rest, on PCH in South Laguna.

La Sirena - best Mexican food you ever had. Salmon fish tacos rock. Chicken tortilla soup when they have it. Home made tortillas. Located downtown, next door to Sorrento Grille. Tiny place. Jahmar works there on the week ends. Say Hi to Scott, the owner, for us. No alcohol.

The Carriage House is not a restaurant, but rather a nice place to stay for out-of-towners, especially if you like romantic bed-n-breakfasts. This is where we put our visiting guests. 

Most of these places are within walking distance of Heisler Park. 

Laguna cops are notorious for setting up sobriety check-points. Do not drink & drive in Laguna (don't do it anywhere, but especially not in Laguna).

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