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Above is the result of my Shields Up! Test My Shields! scan for making comparisons.

Above are the result of my Shields Up! Port Probe for making comparisons.

If your results are disappointing, learn about firewalls here.
Also check out their piece on Internet Security here.
Hackerwhacker will perform a comprehensive scan on your system

I use -> ZoneAlarm. Whereas most firewalls only filter incoming traffic, 
ZoneAlarm has an advantage in that it also filters the outgoing.

There's a 12-min animated video here that does a good job at explaining how PORTS work
by representing them graphically .. for the visually-oriented person
(click on the word >clips<)

See here for Ice Czar's compilation of
links related to Internet Security.

Interesting article about DOS (denial of service) attacks here
Excellent article on configuring network binding posted
Current events in hacking at Ars

In Windows 2000, right-click on "My Network":
.. to
open Network and Dialup Connections window.
Clink ONCE on Local Area Connection.
Bring down the Advanced menu and select Advanced Settings.
Make sure Local Area Connection is highlighted and in the box below
it lists all the bindings for each service.
Uncheck TCP/IP from both File and Printer Sharing and Client for Microsoft Networks.

For email & file encryption, use PGP (free for personal use). 
International homepage is posted
here (Norway).
A message about PGPs cryptographic integrity is posted

here for info about disabling .vbs scripts.

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