1/07 AM

Lights! camera! action! .. at USC Film school

She's Off!

Wendy just left for school – 1st day. Time off went fast.

Valerie came over last night & did her hair -> lightened & cut, short, all one length – v. diff. New clothes, from designer outlet malls near Palm Springs. Looks like a new person.

During the 9-month hiatus, she spent lots of time reading about the editing process (especially Walter Murch), watching films on USC's (sizable) Essential & Recommended lists, and learning ins & outs of non-linear editing (Adobe Premiere). She also got pretty handy with a professional audio editing progam called Vegas Pro - made by a company named Sonic Foundry.

Today is Orientation, where she'll find out classes & schedule. Classes start Monday.

Saw lotsa ear-to-ear grins this morning at brecky (early).

She’s excited about beginning graduate Film school at USC - the same school where her dad & both grandpa’s also attended. Got a family Trojan thing goin’ on.

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