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First Day of Classes

Wendy got home at midnight last night (18-hr day), still buzzing with excitement from her first day of classes - talking 100mph, arms waving all over the place.

She loves the class on Directing Actors. Looks like she'll even be doing some acting herself, as part of the course. Said she's finally getting to take the classes she wanted to take as an undergrad, but couldn't fit into her schedule.

Text books:  

A Challenge to the Actor by Uta Hagen (Uta, a lady, is highly regarded in acting circles)
Directing Actors by Judith Weston

Early Cinema in Russia by Yuri Tsivian
Burning Passions by Paolo Usai

On the History of Film Style by Bordwell
The Transformation of Cinema by Bowser

She'll be getting more books. This is what she got today.

Made her first new friend already. She heard somebody yell, "Hey, Wendy" after taking care of some business stuff between classes, turned around, & it was the girl from Harvard, who wanted to know where was a good place to get lunch. Wendy was heading to lunch herself, so they both went together and had a chance to get acquainted. Wendy said it was lotsa fun. Later, she thought it interesting that she'd be having lunch with a Harvard grad. Would've never guessed it only a few, short yeras ago. If the Harvard girl wants to be friends with Wendy, then you know she must really be smart. ;-) 

The Harvard girl's (Jenny) undergrad degree is in Economics. On the way to lunch, they ran into a bunch of Wendy's old friends from undergrad days, and she got to introduce her new friend to them. She thought that was cool, being the social creature she is.

Earlier today, it was Sound class, which was a favorite undergrad class of hers. Later comes the Production class - the meat-&-potatoes of the semester.

The alarm came early this morning. It was a dual-latte morning. She already has her first shoot this weekend, & is trying to get Kellie, who did the BodyMind film for her last year. She can tell already that it's going to be a lot of work - much more than what was req'd as an undergrad.

Today is my b-day. She had her first day of classes on my b-day.

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