These are the bear-proof food-storage containers (canisters) that the rangers give you when you head out into the back country. They cost $3 a piece to rent. They'll charge your credit card $75 a piece if you don't return. Alternately, you can buy your own for $75 a piece. They're black plastic, with two locking latches at the top - can use a coin to open/close. The bears don't even bother with these things, no matter how good the smell coming from them is. Everybody gets one to put their food in. 

We had extra food that wouldn't fit in these. We tied it way up high in a bag in a tree. The dang bear climbed the tree (20-feet up) and made a piņata out our food bag. We woke to find a bunch of empty cans at the foot of the tree. The bear(s) ripped the cans (tuna fish) open with their bare hands (claws). I figure, if the bears can climb 20 feet up a tree, and rip the cans open with their bare hands, they can *have* the dang food. No one heard anything. They waited patiently until we went to bed. Feels weird being out-smarted by an animal. We had to cut our backpacking trip short cuz they ate some of our food. 

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