From the top of the falls. Brenden & Jahmar. They climb everywhere; must have monkey blood. And they are fearless - walk right up to the edge, inches from disaster, makes Wendy nervous. 

Little pools here, at the top of the falls, where you can frolic in water that's warmer than usual. The pools tap off the river's main artery, getting less flow, which allows the sun to warm the water more. Notice I didn't say it was warm, only warmer than the rest. =) This river is from snowmelt. 

We set up camp at the foot of the mountain you see behind the boys. Lani found the spot. Secluded. Seemed like a sacred spot with that huge chunk of granite towering above you. 

We climbed that mountain the day after arriving. There's a small pool at the very top, perfect oval-shape, 4' long by 2' wide. Someone had placed six stones under the surface of the shallow oval pool (only several inches deep) to form a cross - a separate stone for the head, each hand, the feet, another for the chest, the biggest stone for the body. Jahmar has a B&W pic of it, which I'll try to scan & post. There's no water up there anywhere near. The oval pool is at the very top, less than a step away for the highest point. 

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