Yours truly in front of the falls at the Glen Aulin High Sierra campsite. After about a 5-mile hike in with a ton on my back, it wasn't long before I jumped in. Water wasn't exactly warm, but not too cold either. Refreshing & invigorating. I tried swimming toward the falls, but the flow pushed me downstream, no matter how hard I swam. When you put your head underwater, you can hear the roar of the falls. Hard to describe the feeling of swimming near this waterfall. Very cool. 

You can walk behind these falls (we did, but the pics didn't come out good), altho the water falling on you seems way colder than the water in the pool.

The Glen Aulin High Sierra campsite is just to the left, out of sight. We set up camp about mile downstream from here.

Okay, the hat looks stupid, but the sun kills ya, cuz you're out in it all day long. 

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