Wendy taking a break on the trail. Late afternoon, not far from sunset. Along the Tuolumne river, about an hour below the Glen Aulin High Sierra campsite. The pink and green make for a colorful photograph, and the backlight gives her an angelic aura. 

This was one of our more enjoyable outings - spur of the moment. The day was cooling off nicely, cool breeze blowing up the river. Sun reflected off the mountains on the opposite side of the river. We hiked down to California Falls, watched the sun set there - then hiked back in the dark, by moonlight. 

You can't get here, except by packing in. Nearest road is 7 or 8 miles. We met no one else all day long. The Aspen leaves rustled in the breeze the whole way. 'Magical' is no exaggeration.

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