Upcountry warrior with rifle:northern Kenya

Upcountry warrior with rifle
Heart of "Bandit Country", Northern

Most males over 15 carry three weapons: club, knife (big) & spear.
The older, more respected, warriors carry rifles. This guy was the youngest I saw with a rifle.
Weapons are used to guard cattle from poachers from other tribes.
Over the years, violence had escalated to all-out war, but cooled recently.
This warrior pictured here would not "pose" in the street. Too much pride.
My interpreter said the warrior insisted on going into the bush, out of sight.
These guys really dress like this!

Most natives expect a fee for a photo. It's negotiable.
They try to get about 100 Kenyan Shillings (~ $1.40) per picture.
Outrageous normally. Okay once in a while.
April, 2005

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Photo compliments of Battman
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