Monday: 06.February.2006

New web hosting provider for RADIFIED (LunarPages), new server

Got a new web host today: Lunarpages .. despite everyone's recommendation of DreamHost, cuz Lunarpages offers free site transfer. (DreamHost does not.) Lots of Dreamhost fans out there. Convince DH to offer site transfers, and I'd gladly go with them cuz they offer more for less.

I got a subdomain with Lunarpages first, to which I will transfer the site's files, so I can test everything and ensure everything is working properly.

After which I will transfer the site's actual domain. It usually takes a few days for the 'Net to figure out I'm at a new server (Domain Name Server propagation).

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I also purchased a dedicated IP addy. (I'm old fashioned that way.) Cost an extra $2.50/month. Paid for a year up front, to avoid paying a set-up fee ($30).

You should observe no changes until I make the official change. I want to make sure all my database-driven files work properly, before I make the leap. Might have to modify the blog and the forum.

You might've noticed, the site was down again today for a few hours, and that just gets frustrating. Like Popeye says, "That's alls I can stands, and I can't stands no more."

I've never moved hosts before. Started with Communitech (who I really liked), who was bought out by Interland. They suk'ed at first, then slowly improved, but lately the site has been going down for large chunks of time (e.g. 24 hours on 26.jan).

Should never take 24 hours to get a site back. Normally takes only a few minutes (to restart Apache). Lunarpages was founded about the same time Radified went public (summer of 2000).

I appreciate all the letters of advice and recommedations. In the end, I went with the provider who offered to transfer the site for me, and who has experience doing it, since that is my main concern .. that the transfer goes smoothly. All the extras offered by DH were nice, but not necessary.

The new Rad server will supposedly be a Dell PowerEdge 2850, equipped with dual Xeon 3.2Ghz processors and 4GB memory, running a varient of Linux, which I think is Redhat Enterprise. (DreamHost uses the cooler Debian.) UPDATE, I learned it is CentOS 3.6 .. altho I know of no way to verify the hardware, other than believe they are telling me the truth. (I've grown more skeptical lately.)

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Thursday: 02.February.2006

Rad Rash Looks Medieval

I have a rash. Not just a little poison ivy .. no, we're talking medieval.

Went to Urgent Care walk-in clinic yesterday morning (Sleepy Hollow Medical, here in Laguna, cost me US$211).

The doc there didn't know what the h3ll is was .. spent 30 minutes looking thru a book on rashes. Thought it was viral (not fungal, not bacterial or allergic reaction, or insect bite).

Haven't had s-e-x in a year, so it can't be STD. Started around my ankles/heels (clue? maybe from showers at 24-Hour Fitness?). At first, I thought it might be from flea bites (altho no fleas here).

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Then it started *spreading* .. to pretty much everywhere *except* soles, palms, face, back & crotch (thank God). Not on fingers either, stops at backs of hands. Tops of feet & ankles are worst (up to hiking-boot high).

Doc at clinic drew 2 vials blood and gave me number of Dermatologist to call. I called this morning. They made apt for wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE: Dermatologist office just called back, to say they received call from Doc at clinic .. they want me to come in first thing tomorrow morning. They also changed my apt to see the HEAD DERMATOLOGIST there (not one of his flunkies.) Sounds serious, no?

Bad as this stuff *looks*, I don't actually *feel* very bad. It doesn't itch, hurt, or keep me awake. No head-cold symptoms, or sneezing. Chest is scratchy, but no crud to cough up.

Worst part is I am so dang TIRED. The idea of getting up to go to the bathroom is *exhausting*. Mere walking gets me huffing & puffing (with my mouth open). I get COLD easy, too. Drinking tap water makes me shiver for a few minutes.

Could be stress-related. (I *have* had plenty of excellent reasons to be stressed.) It is symmetrical. Whatever appears on one side of my body is mirrored on the other.

To convey how whacked I am, I was just looking for my reading glasses .. and I was *wearing* them. (Never did that before.)

I'll know more tomorrow morning. Nobody has this thing but me, no friends. Doc, said he didn't think it was contagious, but said, "You look pretty scary, so no one is gonna wanna get near you."

"The good thing about viruses," he said, "is that they usually go away untreated."

I had mono (infectious mononucleosis) when I was 20 years old, in the Navy, stationed in Maine, at Bath Iron Works. That hit me like a freight-train. This feels like mono with a rash.

I remember the mono epiosode. I was in the gym working out (strong as an ox, too), doing lat-pull-downs. Quick as you snapped your fingers, the weight became 3X as heavy. I could lift *nothing*. All my energy had been sapped in an instant.

Took the Navy a while to figure out what it was. They thought I was making it up to get out of work. Eventually they drew blood, when I refused to work any more.

After the results came back from the lab, the Navy Doc who drew blood said, "You're a pretty sick young man." They told me mono can *kill* older people. Told me to stop taking anti-biotics and go home and stay in bed for 2 weeks.

Anyway, I should know more tomorow. The shame is .. I was just starting to let down my defenses .. (re: previous entry, directly below) .. starting to loosen up, and feel good about life again. Now I feel like I'm merely trying to stay alive. Someone suggested I might be emotionally-detox'ing.

It's true that I had stopped feeling so resentful recently .. due to new emotional focus. The worst part is NOT KNOWING what's causing it.

When you hear a doctor say, "I'm stumped." .. uh, that doesn't make you feel very warm-n-fuzzy. (This was an older doctor, too. He has seen a few things.)

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First date since the break-up

I went on my first date this week since the break up (7 months ago). Not a real (schmoochy) date, but rather a friend-date, since that's all I'm ready for (emotionally). Too many expectations associated with a real date. So I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be.

But it was still enjoyable. Nice girl. Easy to get along with. Cute. Sweet. She drove (since the Rad-mobile is still in the shop) and snuck two Coronas into the theater (in her purse).

My social life has been suking majorly. Heck, the most intimate relationship I've had in the last six months has been with my lawyer (who knows everything). That should tell you how bad it's been. Pretty lonely.

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A few other girls tried to persuade me to go out, but that was before I was ready. One of them said, "Your ex is screwed for the rest of her life, cuz she used up a lifetime worth of luck when she found you." Little Nik (10 years old) said, "You ruined her for all other men." They know how to stroke my ego. =)

What I remember most from the date is her fragrance. I normally don't care for perfume (to me, clean is sexy .. sexy is dangerous) .. but this was very nice: subtle, clean, barely detectable. Funny how quickly you forget what it's like to be with a woman. I can still smell her ...

In other news, .. I get the little guy today .. will be playing Rad-dad. Can't wait. Now *that's* something that makes me nervous. Anticipation. Hope I can get to sleep.

Everybody was extra nice to me yesterday .. going out of their way .. cuz they knew I get the little guy today. People at the restaurant fixed me a special plate for dinner (not on the menu) - maybe the best meal I ever had .. and didn't even charge me. That's never happened before.

Late last night, Maria drove over in her pajamas .. to bring me her BMW, so I can get the little guy later today .. cuz my car is still in the shop (waiting on a part). Many similarly thoughtful gestures came my way .. all cuz I get the little guy...

Feels good for a change, cuz the last few weeks, I'd been feeling like my life was being held together by duct tape and bailing wire.

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